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The West End of London is actually in Central London. One of the busiest venues in London, home to some of the most fabulous places –  to see and click, to get entertained, to get a drink or two and even shake a leg if you please. There is one more thing that deserves s special mention while talking about West End – its art galleries and museums. Showcasing some of the finest artists from London and around the world, the art galleries house numerous creative and inspiring works. It’s like opening a bottomless treasure box – there is so much to see.

The Piccadilly London West End Hotel gives you access to some of the best contemporary art galleries in West End.

Art gallery

The Photographer’s Gallery

You don’t have to be a photographer to visit the largest public photography gallery in London founded in 1971. It’s a haven for budding artists with some of the freshest talent in on display from London and the world around. Robert Capa, Martin Parr and Taryn Simon are a few of the artists showcased in this gallery spread across three floors. The venue is shared by a bookshop, a café and an education space. There’s more to do than just the visiting the gallery.

October Gallery

The first gallery to showcase contemporary art work, October is 35 years old. Transvangarde, a self-coined movement is brewing in the gallery to push the capacity of art beyond boundaries. The gallery is a cultural hub for poets, writers, talks, discussions, performances and more. Do read up the website for the events.

Currently, there are famous artists from the entire world sharing the contemporary October Gallery.

Pace Gallery

Some of the finest pieces from the 20th and 21st century can be found at Pace. The gallery is also famed for bringing the spotlight on some of the most famous names in the industry today. And just like most of us, this gallery too has its own favourite artists and makes sure that it hosts exhibitions to celebrate them.

Pace is a part of a family of contemporary galleries around the world.

Alan Cristea Gallery

A more recent gallery amidst the grand old ones in the city, Alan Cristea is the largest publisher of contemporary editions and prints in Europe. The gallery stretches its continuous line of art across two venues, on one street. You’ll find intriguing exhibitions full of sculptures, visual installations and other work.

Scream Gallery

Well, scream follows a theme. It seems to have an OCD and insists that all pieces in the gallery should be in tune with the uniqueness of the gallery. The gallery has a pop art theme and exhibitions have seen neon colours raining through the pieces along with fine the use of metals, stickers and ceramics.

The gallery is a part of the Fitzrovia Lates programme of tours, performances and talks that includes leading galleries. As a part of the programme, Scream stays open till 9 pm on the last Thursday of every month.

West Bank Gallery

Some of the finest works of art happens on the street. West Bank has given a platform to the most jaw dropping street art. The gallery has on display its share of other urban and contemporary pieces as well. It has a history of displaying creative work that one has seen.

The gallery also holds free graffiti workshops on Saturdays. So if you are interested, plan your tour accordingly.

Thomas and Paul Gallery

Figurative and contemporary art from different parts of the world is on display here. It’s set in London’s Little Venice area. The gallery also has a reading room for visitors with art books for you to glance through.

Strand Gallery

Some of the most contemporary exhibitions are hosted at Strand. If you are exploring or are interested in exploring visual art and contemporary works, this is the place to be. The gallery hosts exhibitions with different forms of visual art and creative media. You’ll get to see a number of new artists all set to be explored here.

Coningsby Gallery

More than just a good number of artists associate with the Coningsby Gallery, set in the middle of Fitzrovia. The gallery exhibits visual and performing arts. However, it’s the magnificent contemporary illustration and graphic art that the gallery is known for. The variety of fine, bold and innovated applied arts on display is a truly remarkable sight.

You’ll get to see a balance of established and upcoming artists here.

Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery

Housing some of the grandest exhibitions, a latest one is said to cover 3,000 square feet of the gallery. Rosenfeld takes contemporary art to another level by experimenting with dance, sound, theatre and film. Visit the gallery and be ready to be surprised by the sort of creative exhibitions it has on display.

If you have a keen interest in art, make sure you have at least a couple of art galleries on your list. Staying at a conveniently located hotel will give you the option of visiting more galleries. The West End Hotels are located strategically to make popular landmarks accessible to visitors. London West End Hotel deals are also designed in a way to give you good budget options.

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