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Though London is a costly city, there are some ways in which you can save your money. A London pass will help you to get entry to some of the important attractions and also you can save your money while you travel in the tube and trains.

London pass is a ticket that allows you free entry to most of the well- known attractions in London. This pass will help you to save your money and also time to stand in the lines of ticket. If you want to make your London tour a budget tour then London pass can really help you. The pass comes with an in detail guidebook or an app that will be helpful to the user. Many of the London attractions get closed at 4 or 5 p.m. so you need to really start early in the morning. The sightseeing can be really tiring and it will be better if you stay overnight in a good hotel like park grand hotel London Hyde park. Once you get the accommodation you can decide which sites you would like to visit. Here we have mentioned a plan that will really be helpful for you. You can refer the same and enjoy your tour. Just go through and start planning your economical tour right now.

River Thames

Just begin at the tower pier and go to the City Cruises and go down to the river Thames. This will not take more than half an hour and the boat price is £18.You can check out the City Cruises schedule here. The riverboat ride can really be a wonderful experience. Here also you can take snaps and make the memories alive.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a property with some history. You are not permitted to take pictures inside but you can take the sneaky snaps. If you go here on Saturday then the last entry permitted will be at 1.30pm. You can first checkout on the website about the private events calendar and make sure that the place is not closed for any event. The cost for the entry is £18. This is a big property and you can spend even a full day here. If you are a history lover then this place is just for you. Just come here and explore a lot. Learn the history and feel good. History lovers have a good chance to study the history.

Royal Mews

As you move ahead from the Westminster Abbey you will reach to the Royal Mews. This is the place where you can get to see some of the grand carriages and Royal horses. The royal horses are really huge and the carriages are also very big. This attraction can be covered in half an hour but if you are a real history lover then you may not be satisfied and would take more time. £8.25 is the entry fee here this cost excludes ride in the carriage. You can come here and spend most of your time. Your kids can really have a surprising time at this place. Just take your kids here and make their time a good one. This can be a lifetime experience for them.

Wellington Arch

As you move ahead a little you will find yourselves at the Wellington Arch. This is placed next to the Hyde Park. Just move to the life that is placed on the third floor. Here you can see best views of the city. This is something different from the London Eye shot. From here you can see best parks in the city and also the Houses of Parliament. Even if the weather is not on your side, you can go to see this site and see the horse from close. The place has many exhibitions and you can surely delight in them. The entry fee is£4.20. These exhibitions can help you to learn more about the history of the city. You can see the calendar of these exhibitions on the website. Just check the details and stat planning the tour.

Royal Albert Hall

This place is very close to the Hyde Park Corner station. You can easily and quickly reach to this spotusing the tube. London pass will help you to enter this place. The tour of this places gets over at 4.00 p.m. After this you can have some good time at the café. You can book the appointment in advance so that you can avoid the crowd. If you do not have the London pass then you will have to pay £12.25. This place is one of the most interesting places in the city.

The Verdict

If you do not use the London pass then entry fee for this pass will cost you around £60.70.This place is really very interesting and spending whole day here can really be worth. The cost with the card is £49. The card will also help you to get entry to other important places like the museums, Hampton Court, and some of the galleries. Just keep walking, keep exploring. This is time to discover new things.

If you want to enjoy your London tour at your best then you can stay in a good hotel so that you can enjoy a lot. Many of these hotels have good packages and deals with help of which you can make the tour economical. You can choose to stay in a hotel that offers the Celebration Package London. You can check the details online and book your room online. You can also get discounts for booking your room online. Just save your money by one click. This is the best chance to make big savings on your tour. Just book you room and start saving.

This was all about how you can take the London pass and save your money and time. As you enter the city, just take the London pass and be happy. Make your London tor more enjoyable with the London pass.

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