London’s alternative museums

 While the city has some of the most famous and wonderful museums which are world famous but then even though they are culturally the big ticket places like the British museum or the National History museum which stands a class apart yet the city has much more to give you. As you try to look through these museums which may not be so famous yet they are the eccentric ones dedicate to either some of the well-known and not so well known personalities or the museums are about some of the favourite past times or occupations at large. It’s absolutely different or away from the ordinary although not a famous thing but a remarkable aspect.

 Hobbies and collectors
Pollock’s toy museum
As the name suggests this is a museum dedicated to the toys and dolls from across the world although the dolls put to display are from all parts of the world it gives you a chill too when you stare at the Chinese dolls yet there are some cute and sweet stuff too at display. The place has been divided into two historic houses which depicts the different era and also the evolution of human being’s thinking pattern. It is just not the dolls that takes you the whole of the museum but there are teddy bears, puppets and a collection of toy theatres, my friends who had been to London on a vacation with their kids and were staying at the Grand Park London Paddington had a gala time being around here and the kids were really pulled to these toys even more than the adults.

 Fan Museum
Fans are the most ordinary of all the things but a complete museum dedicated to the fans from across the world is a little too much although as you shed your inhibitions and move ahead to take a visit here the place has more than three thousand fans at display all made out of a variety of things some that had been put at display and are eye catching as well are the ones made out of silk , peacock feathers, wood or ivory and they have been across this complete millennium.

Cartoon Museum
This is a unique museum in itself in case you feel the whole museum is dedicated to the variety of cartoons then it is not so at the place is dedicated to the satire that is created out of these simple and silly looking cartoon characters. As early as eighteenth century cartoon strips are at display for you to admire and learn. The beauty of this place is while you can see it just as a comic strip or one of the legendary ways of fighting for a cause.

Garden museum
All you need to know about the horticulture is here at the Garden museum and the place is in the St. Mary’s church where you will find there are some antique looking garden tools at display for the public to be checked and understand the evolution of these tools from then to now. The knot garden which was a well-established concept in London is also at display and this takes you back to the seventeenth century times.

Clockmaker’s museum
Ever heard of a museum solely dedicated to the clock maker’s I guess bot but the city offers a similar museum for its onlookers the place is full of all kinds of clocks that are chiming and rhyming together and all the hands showing up some time while the time pieces are from the early Victorian age and they are as small as the pocket watch to the distinctly modern watches or nuclear timers put up for display  for the general public.

London Canal Museum
Another unique aspect of showcasing how the trade and transport used to happen in the Regent’s canal area and how and u=in what manner were the most essential commodities being transported from one place to another. The museum is housed in the nineteenth century warehouse so that the look and feel go hand in hand.

Hunterian Museum
This is dedicated to John hunter who had been an early surgeon living in the London city , the place is full of the surgical instruments , specimens of skull, teeth and other anatomical models put to display for the general public.

Freud Museum
He is being considered the father of psychoanalysis and as you go through this museum you will come across his works, and also find a correlation between his theories and his life style while his books, art and the famous couch on which he used to sit and ponder on all the theories he has given to the mankind is also  there in this museum.

Charles Dickens Museum
He is one of the famous writer of his times during the eighteenth century era this writer wrote many a famous novels and the characters were brought in from the real life. The house of this famous writer has been turned into a museum and as you sit there to make sense of this place it seems to be quite close an inspiration for him where in he had penned down these amazing short stories.

 Sir John Soane’s museum
One of the best places a museum with a rarity this is the house of this celebrated architect who was born and lived in between the eighteenth and the nineteenth century times, the place is very much dedicated to him but the place also boasts about the archaeological facts related to the Roman and the Egyptian era. There are galleries of paintings dedicated to the war time stories painted by none other than Turner or Hogarth and this makes the place even grander. My friend’s staying at Hotels close To Bayswater Tube Station  had been the architectural students and they were unexposed to the brilliance of the likes of Sir Soane while when they did get a chance to come to London and take a look at his work they were truly mesmerised by the works of his.

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