London’s fascinating Markets

London is an amazing city with a variety of places to visit and explore. It has countless attractions both historic and modern and an exciting array of activities and events to be part of. With magnificent palaces, historic buildings, museums, great entertainment venues, art galleries and beautiful parks there are a lot of things to do and sites to visit in London. All of this makes it a very popular place to visit with millions of tourists visiting London every year.

London offers the best of accommodation with top notch hotels like the Shaftesbury suites London Marble Arch, which offers the best of facilities and comfort to its guests at a very reasonable price. Being centrally located the Shaftesbury suites London Marble Arch offer easy access to the many tourist attractions that are within close proximity. London has some of the best shopping venues and markets, where shoppers can get the finest of things. Some of the best markets in London are as follows:

London Markets

Borough Market:

For food lovers one of the best markets to visit is the famous Borough food market, known for its unique artisan food, hospitality and pleasant atmosphere. Visitors will find a real piece of London at Borough Market, which has a long and rich history that goes back to the 13th century. In that period the area was popular with traders who sold grains, livestock, vegetables and fruit.

Contemporary Borough Market still remains a popular spot for producers and traders to meet, and for visitors to buy some great products found in this unique market. Borough Markets fruit and vegetable vendors, fishmongers and butchers are still the star attractions in this amazing food market.

The passion each vendor has for their product, and the story of how their business came to be, is always a fascinating one. You often get the chance to sample the products too, which is a great way to interact with the vendors and to find out more about the history of their product. The sheer variety on offer is staggering with a variety of meats, the finest cheeses, fresh vegetables and fruits and artisan breads among other delicacies.

When plan a trip to the market, carry a large shopping bag, as you will be tempted to make quite a few purchases from the many items being sold there. If you do not have a bag handy you could choose to buy one from a charming little shop that sells a wide range of shopping bags and products, which will also make for a great souvenir of your visit to Borough Market.

Borough Market opens Wednesday to Saturday, although it would be better to visit the market mid-week. It would be far less crowded and you can explore the market at leisure, while stopping at each stall to examine the wonderful items for sale as well as chat to the vendors about any queries you may have. There is a great new open seating area ideal to have a cup of coffee or a spot of lunch. There are even some interesting cookery demonstrations organised which could help you to improve your culinary skills and learn some new recipes.

Abbey Mills Market:

Just the place to visit for antiques, jewellery, handicrafts and other interesting merchandise. It has a laid back relaxed atmosphere, which makes Merton Abbey Mills a great place to shop. You will find some rather unusual and exotic things here that will not be available anywhere else. Another interesting place to visit is its pottery house in the old watermill. There is also a textile museum that can be explored at leisure. The closest tube station is the Colliers Wood Tube station.

Camden Market:

Camden market has a distinctive feel and atmosphere to it and is located close to a classic Victorian Hall. It lies besides the Grand Union Canal and there have been several improvements made to the place over the years. With some great restaurants in the area besides shopping stalls and outlets that store a variety of items. Camden Market is a cool place to shop at. Shoppers will find crafts, second hand merchandise, vintage clothing, jewellery and lots more to choose from. The best time to visit is on the weekends, which are market days in Camden. The nearest tube station is Camden Town Tube station just a short distance away.

Brick Lane Market:

The popular Brick Lane Market is at situated at London’s East End. A very animated atmosphere prevails and it is a cultural melange of sorts with Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi restaurants serving up some of the best culinary delights from the sub-continent. The best time to visit is on Sundays when the Sunday Upmarket is in full swing and the place is abuzz with activity.

Greenwich Market:

With its quaint cobblestoned streets historic Greenwich Market has a lively vibrant atmosphere and is widely regarded as one of the city’s finest markets. Shoppers will find jewellery, artwork, handcrafted toys, fresh produce and an assortment of other merchandise. The market opens from Wednesday to Sunday.

Leadenhall Market:

It is located in the historic centre of London’s financial district and is out of the oldest markets in the city dating back to the 14th century. It is located on Gracechurch Street and is a covered market that exemplifies Victorian architecture at its best. An absolutely charming place to visit shoppers will find some great shopping venues, cafes and restaurants. It is a Grade II listed building and has been used as venue for several film shoots.

Covent Garden Market:

Covent Garden Market now known as New Covent Garden Market is known to be the largest vegetable, flower and wholesale fruit market in the UK. It is located at Nine Elms and lies between Vauxhall and Battersea in the South West of London. There are numerous restaurants, pubs and shops along its pedestrian square with the market being very popular with young shoppers.

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