London’s Hidden Gems: Learn All About Them

Whenever you plan to make a trip to London, you look up the best travel sites and manuals and prepare your itinerary based on the most visited landmarks in the city. But have you ever considered visiting those lesser – known and treaded places that are equally rich in history and culture, or can give you even more fun than the famous tourist centres? Let us take you through a trip of some of these hidden gems that we feel, will be highly attractive to the tourists who are on the lookout of something different.

Know All About The Hidden Gems in London

Attempt has been made to include places for every type of taste and preference of the tourist in you. You will find these places to be amazing and what’s more – they are all free! You can have easy access to all these places in and around London from all the hotels near Gloucester Road by bus, rail or on foot.

  • Camden Passage – This is an absolute jewel – an area packed with small and exquisite cafes, gift shops, vintage stores, boutiques. This is a pedestrian passage way that runs off Upper Street in Islington. The place is famous for its antique shops. Here you will also find the Camden Head Public House that hosts comedy nights organised by and for the local comedians.


  • The Thames Path – You must have known most of the places along the river Thames. However, there are more left for you to discover. You may hire a cycle or a bike and travel as far as you can to find some of the quieter destinations. Land up at the Prospect of Whitby, a pub made famous by Charles Dickens. There is also the village of Rotherhithe to discover. It will make for a wonderful day’s outing.


  • Wilton’s Music Hall – Located in the Graces Alley off Cable Streets in the Borough of Tower Hamlets, this was a traditional Victorian music hall, till recently it has been refurbished into a performance space for any talent that you would like to exhibit. You can expect anything from opera, classical music, puppetry, magic, cabaret or dance to be performed in the hall. You have to get a ticket to watch any concert. You may also just settle for a trip around the place and enjoy a cup of coffee in the shop inside.


  • The House of Dennis Severs – Located at 18 Folgate Street, Spitalfields,  this is an interesting venue for those who adore the work of the silk – weavers. The experience gives you a strange feeling of originality as everything in the house has been left totally undisturbed, just as the family had left them.


  • Secret bars – Discover some of the lesser – known bars in London and enjoy some sumptuous cocktails in those secret venues. Some of them are:
    • The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town at 12 – 16 Artillery lane, E1 7LS in Spitalfields
    • The Luggage Room in Mayfair, London
    • Evans and Peel Detective Agency in Earl’s Court
    • The Little Yellow, Earl’s Court Road, London


  • Daunt Books – Located at 83, Marylebone High Street, London W1U 4QW, this book store will make you feel like you have suddenly reached Hogwarts from the Harry Potter stories. You will literally lose yourself in the rows and rows of books. Find your favourite titles on any subject and spend a few hours enriching yourself.


  • Little Venice – Want to get a taste of the Italian city of Venice in London. Just mark our words and be at Little Venice. It is a tranquil and peaceful canal-side way that houses several small cafes and pubs. You can take a romantic walk along the canal and also go for a nice boat ride to ZSL London.


  • Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park – This beautiful piece of greenery is tucked within the heart of Holland Park, Kensington, very close to Park Grand Kensington Hotel. Explore the gardens with its mystical alleys, statues here and there, paths that lead to an opera house, peacocks strolling lazily by. The area is less visited and will give you quiet and a chance to feel one with the nature.


  • Fulham Palace – A historic destination, lesser known but rated high in its classical richness, was formerly the residence of the Bishop of London. There is no entry fee as the property is still owned by the Church. You can explore the great treasure house of art and history at your own leisurely pace.


  • Postman’s Park – Just a little distance from the St. Paul’s Cathedral in Central London, this neighbours London’s General Post Office. It is a large property, and a favourite hangout and lunch spot for the local workers, mainly those working in the GPO. Here you will find the Watts Memorial, a site of tablets honouring those who laid down their lives in brave deeds.


  • Sir John Soane’s Museum – Sir John Soane was the architect of the Bank of England. The Museum is his former residence and still preserves many of his finest architectural drawings and plans. It is a public museum in London of utmost significance.


  • Chelsea Physic Garden – It is a little walled space of unparalleled beauty by the River Thames. Containing some of London’s oldest collection of historical and medicinal plants, this is also the oldest of London’s botanical gardens. It was established in 1673, and a must – visit for every tourist.


  • The Neighbourhoods Around London – Once you have explored the major landmarks in London, you may also try out some of the exotic places nearby. Each place has its own historical and cultural significance. Some of the places are:
    • Hampstead
    • Brixton
    • Richmond and so on.


  • Neal’s Yard, Seven Dials – This is a shopping hidden gem in London, where you can shop for the widest range of dairy products and organic skin treatment solutions. The Seven Dials area hosts regular discount sales and should not be missed.


  • Broadway Market, Hackney – For the biggest exhibition of food stuff and clothing on sale, you got to visit this market. You can also shop for gift items and homeware in the Design Museum.
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