London’s quirkier attractions

London is a tourist paradise with countless attractions to visit and explore. It offers visitors an opportunity to experience a blend of the historic with the modern, which makes it a truly unique city quite like no other in the world. With over 17 million visitors it is one of the most visited tourist hubs in the world.

Being a tourism hub it offers a wide variety of accommodation to suit all types of budgets. From iconic hotels to Special Offers Shoreditch Hotels¸ there are a lot of options to choose from. To enjoy a relaxed holiday it is essential to select accommodation that offers convenient access to all parts of a city as big as London.

The M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel offers just that being centrally located it is close to most of the major attractions in London. Once you are done visiting the prominent attractions and are interested in exploring the quirkier side of London, a visit to the following attractions is recommended.

Old Operating Theatre: One of the more unusual museums it also offers a virtual tour online. However, there is nothing quite like visiting the actual place! It offers a unique opportunity to explore an unusual museum that is home to some very peculiar artefacts and a chance to visit one of the oldest operating theatres in Europe. The sights and smells from its Herb Garret enhance the experience of a visit and an informative tour of how early surgeries were performed makes it a captivating albeit bone-chilling visit.

Benjamin Franklin House: As the sole remaining former home of Benjamin Franklin, The Benjamin Franklin House is unique. A good way to explore it is by signing up for any of its Historical Experience tours conducted daily that need advance booking. They are an interesting way to explore the place as they involve sound and light effects along with actors, which make it a unique experience from other museums in the city. While it may not be as piled with artefacts unlike other museums it is indeed a historic place and a good alternate museum to visit.

Sherlock Holmes Museum: While it is not actually located at 221b, it can be found on Baker Street. The museum blends an interesting combination of fact and fiction which makes it a great place to visit. It offers an authentic recreation of what the house would have actually looked like in the period (1881-1904), if Holmes and Watson had actually stayed there. It is very popular with Sherlock fans and it can become quite crowded as it is not very large, so it is best to visit early before long queues of people line up to see the place. A must for those are ardent fans of Sherlock Holmes.

Leighton House Museum: It is located close to Holland Park and while the house may appear to be plain its interiors are home to some of the finest oriental collections in the world. A studio-house it was built for Lord Leighton in the nineteenth century. Its exhibits include some of Leighton’s personal works along with a host of Victorian treasures that he gathered from all over the world. Its lavish and opulent interiors make it a most captivating place to visit and explore. It was custom designed to display art of the Victorian era and reflects the eclectic choice and fascination of the Orient by those from that era.

Wellcome Collection: It is a relatively new museum with the Wellcome Collection offering a unique collection of exhibits within the heart of London. It is mainly a medical museum, with its tagline, ‘destination for the incurably curious’ being well earned. It is the perfect place to visit for the curious and for those who have an ardent interest in medicine. Its unique collection manages to link medicine with art which enhances its appeal to all those who visit it. It also has a library, a cafe and hosts a number of public events which make it a great place to spend an afternoon exploring.

Freud Museum: It can be found on the outskirts of the city in Maresfield Gardens. It was the former home of the Freud family who shifted to London after Austria was annexed by by the Nazis. Sigmund Freud’s daughter Anna was the last resident, who stayed here till her death in 1982. A great museum for those who have a passion for psychology, its exhibits include Freud’s personal collection of antiquities, and also his psychoanalytical couch among other engaging artefacts.

The Horniman Museum: One of the highlights of the museum is its massive stuffed walrus that weighs in a little less than a tonne. It is the result of its Victorian taxidermist who probably had never seen such an exotic animal ever. It was greatly admired by Queen Victoria when she saw it on exhibit as part of the Colonial and Indian Exhibition held in 1886, in South Kensington. Since then it has proven to be the star attraction of the Horniman museum. Other unusual attractions include a collection of dog’s heads, giant musical instruments like a xylophone wall and a scary merman (which makes visitors wonder if it is actual) among other oddities!

Grant Museum: It is home to some of the most bizarre exhibits, while being one of the country’s oldest natural history collections. An example is a glass beaker that is filled with 18 moles among more than a thousand species of extinct and rare animals. Some of the other exhibits include a seal, a chimp, an alligator, preserved mammal heads and a red panda among others.

These are just some of the more unusual and quirky attractions that can be found on a trip to London!

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