Looking for heaven? Here it is

London is a place that has great nightlife. There are many nightclubs where you can have a wonderful experience. There are nightclubs where you can enjoy drinks as well as some live shows.

 London is a place for everyone, food lovers, beauty lovers, history lovers and drink lovers too. There are many pubs and bars where you can enjoy a variety of drinks. Heaven is such a bar that has a great variety to pick from. The bar also has a cool atmosphere and you can really have relaxation here. The rates are affordable and you can have great enjoyment here. The staffs of the bar are helpful and they will help you with nice combinations. You can book your table in advance. You can check the availability online and then book your table online, this will help you to save your time and avoid the crowd as well. Many people make advance booking of their table.

 Located below the Craven Street arches, heaven is a famous nightclub that is famous worldwide. It is not just all about the clubbing and drinking and they also have some events in the night or on weekends. It can be a great feeling to see a live event with some drinks. The events go free and you can check the events calendar online. The events usually include music shows, dance shows, classical music shows, magic shows and many more. These events are very interesting so just grab your front place.

 The bar has very good atmosphere. You can take your favourite drinks and enjoy the sow are just take part in the dance as well. You can make new friends at this place and just have some fun time with them. If you come here on regular basis then you can also ask for a membership. This membership can be beneficial for you. This is one of the best nightclubs in London.

 The bar was started in the year 1979 as a bar and today it is a gay super club too. Previously it was the birthplace of Hi-NRG and acid house and many gay celebrities come here. They also have some live performances here. Though there are many other clubs nearby, this club has been always outstanding. The club offers free entry to the guests. You can dance all the night with rag queens at Heaven that is biggest electro-pop in London. There are many Dj and other live bands those are being played here every day. You can also arrange a party at this place. You can book your ticket and be ready for a nice night out. They also arrange for some party discounts.

 The interesting fact about the club is that the Monday nights are known as Popcorn and students can get free entry here on Monday. But the students must get their students card while coming. Industry staff will also get free entry after producing their photo ID. If you want to come here in a group then you need to get prior booking and if you do it then you can also claim group discounts. Not just the young people but even old people like to come here and they also take part in dance and music.

 You can also arrange your party here. They will do nice decorations for you. They will keep the space reserved for you. The event management team will do their best and make the party going. You can also arrange some live shows or the game shows for your party. Your birthday party is indeed going to be a great one. They can also arrange some special menu for your party so that the party can be even better. They can also arrange some magic shows for kids so that they will also love the party. This place is also often visited by many film stars and famous personalities. You can talk to the famous people like film starts, shake hands with them, take their autographs take some selfies with them and post it on the social media sites.

 If you want to have more time at this nightclub then you can search for a good hotel nearby. There are many good hotels nearby like the montcalm hotel where one can have a great time. The hotel is one of the most popular hotels in London. As the hotel is placed very close to important attractions, cafes, spots and airport, this can be an ideal location for you. Staff of hotel is very co-operative and they will help you in all regards. The hotel has a travel desk and they will help you with the car rental, ticket booking or the airport transfer. The hotel has many offers and discounts. These offers will help you to make your stay a great one. The hotel also helps the business guests. The business guests can get the best facilities from the business Centre. The event management will work hard to help the guests.

The hotel has different room types and you can take a room that suits your needs and budget as well. If you are single then you can take single room. For families there is executive room. If you are looking for some extra luxury then you can go to the suites. Though thisLuxury Suites London is costly they will ensure better relaxation with up to the minute facilities. You can have more relaxation in the suites. The suites are airy and spacious and you canreally have great luxury there.

 So do you want to have a good night out in London? Looking for some good nightclubs? Then come to the heaven and you will really feel like you are in heaven. The rates of the drinks here are very reasonable and youcan enjoy here without making our pocketsempty. Just come here and have lots of fun with your friends and loved ones. This is going to be real paradise for you.

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