Looking In and Out of the Subway Gallery

It is an experience to be at the Subway Gallery in London. This is one of the best places for you to visit and feel the essence of real London stay. This is the pedestrian subway located below the Edgware Road and it is also close to the Harrow Road. This is where you come across the small hidden corner considered to be the centre of culture and heritage. This is the London Subway Gallery. This is situated under all the London landmarks like the Paddington Green and the Marylebone Flyover. Close to the destination you have the Metropole Hilton Hotel.

Once you enter the gallery you can witness the works of all the special artists. The gallery came into being on the 6th of June 2006. The gallery was perfectly conceived by the curator and the artist Robert Gordon McHarg. The place looks great with all the glass walls. The kind of glass reflection created makes the place appear so bright and glamorous. You can see the 1960 kiosk at the place. Previously this was a shoe repairing shop and now it has been turned to be something spectacular. The theme of the show shop has been adopted to create an excellent showcase for the art. It is a pleasure to be at the underground and here you find the four lanes of the traffic with the ideal over lane acceleration.

When having an executive stay in Paddington Court one can at ease take a look at the Subway Galley. This is the wonderful ground to feel the pleasure of being at real London. In case you are in this part of the town and you are not in the mood to find out what’s latest happening at the gallery then it is surely a matter of great shame. This is the venue to hold some of the pleasurable events and this makes the travellers love to take a tour of the place.

You have some of the best underground stations near the Subway Gallery. There is the Edgware Road Tube Station and this lies at a distance of minute walk from the gallery. There is also the Marylebone Tube Station and to reach to the place you have to walk for 7 minutes from the gallery. There are nearby railway stations too. You can access the South Hampstead Overground Station. To reach to the station you have to travel for 29 minutes from the gallery. From the place a 30 minutes’ walk will take you straight to the Kilburn High Road Overground Station.

It is right to look for the right Paddington Accommodation in order to have a fast and effective tour to the Subway Gallery. Close to the gallery you have all the major car parking stations. There is the Bell Street Car Parking destination. You can even make use of the Church Street Masterpark area. These are places where you can park your vehicle at ease and move about tension free. In fact, the Subway Gallery is the best place where you are sure to have the convenient London touring with all the specialties in package.

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