Magical Malta is The Place To visit

The Mediterranean is famous for its fabulous holiday destinations of which the Island of Malta is out of the most popular, with increasing numbers of tourists visiting it every year.  It i renowned for its great beaches, stunning landscape and of course resorts of all sizes. As with most holiday destinations, visitors like to choose a hotel that offers the most convenient access to all parts of the island, which helps them to visit the prominent attractions in a relatively convenient manner.

When in Malta it is recommended to stay at any of the St Julians Malta hotels, which are centrally located and offer the best in luxury and comfort at a very affordable price.

One such hotel that is popular both with tourists on holiday and those on a business trip is the Corinthia Hotel St Georges Bay, known for its world class facilities and top class customer service. Generally most of those who visit Malta, travel to its capital Valletta, which is a tiny city that has a UNESCO world heritage site, among other historic sites to visit and explore. They also tend to stay in or around the area around Silema or St Julians, as it is the hub of Malta’s tourist industry, with a lively atmosphere and a vibrant nightlife.

Although these places do have their own inimitable appeal, the fact is that Malta offers various other options to move off the beaten track and explore other interesting parts of the island. Two prominent places to visit when in Malta are:

Fomm Ir-Rih: Travel to Malta’s western coast and you will find yourself away from the hustle and bustle of tourists milling about the place at Fomm Ir-Rih, which seems to be a world away. It offers a secluded part of the island with no public transport, so tourists need to get about on their own.  Fomm Ir-Rih is situated atop a fault line which offers some amazing rock formations. These geographical formations help to lend a stunning backdrop to this tranquil horseshoe shaped bay area. Visitors can make it to the craggy beach by traversing a rough footpath to this rather serene and peaceful area. It makes for a perfect place to dive, swim or snorkel with the water being absolutely crystal-clear. The perfect time to visit the place is when dusk begins to settle in at the end of the day, when visitors will be able to view some of the most spectacular sunsets on this planet.

Gozo: A place pretty popular with foreign tourists is the Island of Gozo that is accessible from Malta by boat.  It is the perfect place to visit to understand the way of life in Malta that has existed since ancient times. In fact most of the area is still rural in comparison to other prominent areas on the island. Visitors could choose to cycle or hike through the beautiful countryside, with visitors exploring the surrounding villages. Out of the most prominent historical attractions in Malta, the Neolithic Ä gantija temples are well known and out of the oldest religious sites in the world.

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