Melanoma Mole Removal – What You Need To Know

Mole removal is one of the most popular laser removal skin treatments in the UK. This is in part due to the ease, effectiveness and quick results that the treatment ensures and almost all patients walk away happy with their results. However, whilst many may be getting rid of their moles for cosmetic purposes, others may be doing so for health reasons. Abnormal moles may be a symptom of melanoma, a skin cancer that can take the form of spots on the skin. Whilst the process of removal might be the same, there will be a few more steps you’ll have to take when getting rid of melanoma, and it might mean visiting more than just a cosmetic clinic to clear it up.

What Is A Melanoma?

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that first takes the appearance of a new mole or mark on your skin. Melanoma is very treatable if caught early but can risk spreading to other parts of the body if left unchecked. You can’t always stop melanomas forming, but you can lessen your chances of contracting it by keeping your skin safe from sunburn.

Signs That Your Mole Is Melanoma

The first symptom to differentiate between a need for a melanoma skin treatment or merely a mole removal skin treatment at Perfection Cosmetic  mole removal Manchester is to check the mole’s size. Cancerous moles are usually larger than 6 mm, and over time they may get bigger and change their shape or colour. Some melanomas may bleed or become sore and itchy as well. If a new mole has appeared on your body and you have experienced any of these symptoms, then you might need more than a cosmetic mole removal.

Steps To Removing A Melanoma

The good news is that melanoma mole removals are easy to undertake but differ in their process from cosmetic mole removal. Below are the main steps to expect during this simple procedure.

Preliminary Skin Check

First off, you’ll want to check your skin yourself. Melanomas are usually easy to spot and differentiate from a normal mole, and you’ll want to know the basic symptoms and whether what you have correlates before heading to a professional. There are five symptoms that you can identify yourself, known as the ABC’s of melanoma.

ABC’s Of A Melanoma

  • The A in the symptom checker stands for asymmetry. If your moles two sides are different from one another, then this could be a case of melanoma.
  • The B stands for Border. Are the edges of your mole crooked or jagged?
  • The C stands for Colour. If your mole is multicoloured or has different tones, this could be a melanoma.
  • The D stands for Diameter. Is the width of your melanoma around 6 mm?
  • The E stands for Evolution. Melanomas grow and change over time. Has your mole’s texture, size or colour changed?

Removing The Melanoma

Melanoma removal is done surgically. You’ll be injected with a local anaesthetic near the mole before the actual removal. There are three main ways that the mole is removed. It will either be shaved off using a razor blade, punched off for biopsy tests using a tool much like a hole puncher, or removed using a surgical scalpel.

Biopsy And Result

After this, the mole will be taken away for a biopsy to ascertain the growth of the cancer cells and whether further treatment is needed.

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