Most common mistakes of tourists

Whenever you visit a place, there are many things you read or hear about the place. Some ask you to visit certain places whereas some ask you to not visit certain places. All these might make you confused and at times the information given to you isn’t correct. There are many places which are just tourist attractions whereas there are many others which are the main essence of a place. Especially when you are at a place like London where there is something worth looking at and worth knowing at every turn that you take of the place. So, there are many mistakes that you might make when you are visiting London. Some of them are mentioned below.

•Paying to visit a museum- There are many museums in the city of history, art and culture but let me warn you from the beginning that paying for visiting a museum is a waste of money. The museums that are worth seeing in London or rather the big museums, all have free entry. And so the others who charge for the entry maybe well in many ways but it won’t harm if you end up seeing other parts of London in place of visiting those museums. Some of the museums that must be visited when you are in London are the British Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum along with the National Portrait Gallery, Imperial War Museum and the National Maritime museums. If you visit these, most of London will be a seen commodity for you.

•The Queen doesn’t wait for you at the Buckingham Palace- Yes, many people are there who visit the Buckingham Palace with a hope that they would spot the Queen. Especially since they see the Union Jack Flag flying high up in the air, they think the Queen is waiting for them. But that is a totally wrong conception. Not just the Queen, you might not encounter any person from the royal family on the whole tour of Buckingham Palace. And just to know, if she is actually inside, she will not meet you or rather, you wouldn’t even have a small glimpse of her.

If you are a traveller and you would want to visit the streets of London and know about the place which is known to be the epitome of music, food, history and art, culture then you would need to put up at the hotels near Oxford Street which have wonderful security personnel who would not let any harm befall all that you have kept in the hotel. The hotel staff is such that they would also give you the details that you need to know about the place you are visiting. Do not forget to visit The Marble Arch by Montcalm London. The hotels are very close to the underground stations and the bus stations so that makes them one of the first choices of most of the travellers who go to visit London.

It doesn’t matter if you want to walk and see the whole of London or take any other kind of means of transport. The hotels situated here are very close to all and are also very suitable for communicating to the other parts of London. Not only good lodging facilities, you would also get good food there and even though it might be a bit heavy on the pocket, the quality is something that you would never forget. If you feel the prices are very heavy on the pocket, do not worry, always there are some or the other offers going on which would make sure that you do not have to pay a lot of money to stay at the hotels and you would get them on an affordable rate. Their whole agenda is to make your whole stay at London memorable.

•Standing on the wrong side of the street is wrong- Many people do not take this seriously, especially the tourists because there are different rules at their place. But at London, you have to take them seriously or you would have to pay a fine. The rules at London are very simple so take care not to make this mistake. You need to know that the place where the cars drive is the left side of the road and to keep that in check, there are many signs that tell the people when to look right or when to look left. And since that is the case, the normal pedestrians are to walk on the right side of the road. You need to also make sure that whenever you are on an escalator, you need to stand on the right side and walk on the left side.

•The London Bridge isn’t there- Again; one of the mistakes made by most travellers is that they take the Tower Bridge to be the London Bridge. But the fact is, both the bridges are bridges for sure but they aren’t the same bridge. They are different bridges. It is now known that the original London Bridge is no longer there. It was sold to Arizona a lot of years ago. Now, there is a bridge over the Thames but that doesn’t mean it is the London Bridge. It is called the Tower Bridge. Even though it is a place for sightseeing, still, it is not as great as the London Bridge was. The magnificence of the Tower Bridge is mostly fictitious and in reality it is just like any other bridge.

If you do not make any such mistake, then your trip to London would be a very successful one and that too without any kind of barrier to stop you from doing what you want. Get the best and special offers that the hotels bring forth for the customers and get the real feel of London with you. And while going back; do not forget to get souvenirs for yourself and all your loved ones back home to show them what London is all about.

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