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London is such an amazing, big city that it would be quite foolhardy for any one to think that it does not have a shopping scene to boast of which is at least not at par which those of other global cities. London can, without a doubt, hold its own when it comes to competition as a shopping destination. In fact, with some of the history and heritage which is behind some of the stores in London, it can be said that other cities cannot hold a candle to this one!

After all, London is known to be the city which exclusively hosts the Harrods store, albeit Buenos Aires was also home to another store for some years. This is a store which is an absolute must visit for the shopping tourist while in London. The staff of store speak quite a range of languages and one can get everything from good food [from any of the score of restaurants which serve well cooked food] to pets. Christian the lion, who became a YouTube sensation, was originally bought from Harrods. Harrods is a high class store which is a great place to pick up some designer wear as well as some great wine.

For quite some time, Harrods was owned by Mohammed Al Fayyed, former owner of Fulham Football Club as well as the father of the late Dodi Al Fayyed, who was best known for his link to Princess Diana.
If one wishes to spend as much time as possible in the stores of London, then he or she should, without a doubt, stay at a hotel which is located such that he or she can spend as much time shopping. One of the hotels which has great location if one is keeping in mind the primary objective the visitor to London has, of shopping, is the Marble Arch by Montcalm London.

Another place which one can go to in order to procure good quality designer clothing from is Dover Street Market, which is located in Mayfair. Mayfair is known to be one of the toniest areas of the city. The six floors out here are a shopper’s paradise and designer labels are everywhere to be seen. These labels include Christian Dior, YSL or Yves St. Laurent, along with Alexander McQueen.

It is sometimes said that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If one agrees that this happens to be the case then, it would be a swell idea to head towards Fortnum and Mason. The quality of this store is attested to by the fact that it is the official grocer to Her Majesty, the Queen. This is surely the place to head to in case one wishes to buy some interesting eatables and hampers.

It can be said with a reasonably strong degree of surety that it is unlikely there will be many other places in the world where one will come across such sheer diversity in terms of retail options to improve a person’s mood. The quality of many of these places is off the charts, as well.

For example, apart from the world renowned Savile Row, quality can be had when it comes to something as simple as an umbrella. The shop of James Smith & Sons opened its shutters, initially, about eighteen and a half decades ago! The variety of umbrellas is astounding and the shop can be found on New Oxford Street.

If one would like to shop with more history behind the store he or she is shopping at, then, he [as a visitor to this sort of store is more likely to be a man] should surely head to number 71 on St. James Street. Doing so would take him to Truefitt and Hill, certified by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the world’s oldest existing barber. There is many a thing related to shaving and grooming which one can pick up out here; an example of which would be West Indian Limes Cologne.

Sunspel has been around since the 1800s and was known to be the producer of cotton undergarments of the highest quality. However, nowadays, they are also the suppliers to the lead actor of the James Bond franchise. They provide him with quality polo shirts as well!

While these are historic, specialist shops, it is fully possible and if the tourist has the time, advisable, to shops in the general shopping hotspots or districts of the city. Oxford Street is a prime example and can keep the shopper occupied for hours, or at least until the wallet’s complaints get way too loud! London can be said to be a European shopping Mecca. These stores provide ample justification for the same.

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