My Love for Bicycle Travel

Why travel by bike? I think it will be little tuff to answer this question as those who have a passion to travel by a cycle could not think of anything else. It’s their passion that drives them off. Though, travelling by bicycle could be passion for some but inconvenience for others as well as it is not that comfortable mode of transport as anyone could think of other than a cab or train etc. However, if I talk about the capital city of London, here bicycle is considered as one of the best modes of transport. On top of it, it is even considered as a leisure activity that both travellers and locals enjoy.

Cycling around London or to other parts of the neighbourhood is not only a comfortable way to commute but it is even a great way to save money and extreme transport costs as well. You can opt for a bicycle ride from London Premier Kensington Hotels and can explore the city and side by side it’s some exercise for you at the same time.  I landed in the city and started wondering as what could be the best mode of transport that I can chose to begin exploring London. After lot of research, I chose bicycle ride. Cycling brings happiness to me and people have even told me that if you travel by bicycle in the city, you will get to know it well.

Since cycling is a major mode of transport in London that all people prefer, there are special routes that are well designed. Over the time, well cycling networks have been made featuring more and more cycle lanes, campaigns and extension to even the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme. With all the necessary precautions taken, a bicycle ride proves to be the most enjoyable and lovely way to experience the city. Some prefer it to see it in a taxi, some by foot; I prefer to take a bicycle ride.

Delightful Cycle Routes:

Cycling is not just another thing in the capital city and holds great importance. Thus, those who prefer to take a bicycle ride are taken seriously. Other than a fun loving thing, I like to travel by a bicycle because of the fact that the scenic routes you can explore by riding a bicycle cannot be just compared with any other mode of transport.

There are some leisure cycle routes, well developed by the Transport for London. It has enhanced the number of cyclists on the roads of the city more than double in the past decades. It has made people realize and especially me that a bike ride is hands down the best way to get along with the city. Richmond Park, Thames Path, Limehouse to Little Venice, Victoria Park to Epping Forest are some of the fascinating cycle routes within the capital city.

Facilities provided to Bicycle Lovers:

Specially designed cycle lanes are there and on-road cycle lanes vary. Some lanes are well defined by painted lines on the road itself and some lanes feature raised kerbs that separates a cyclist from the rest of the traffic. Other than this there is an option to carry a folding bicycle in almost all public transports in London. There are certain hours of the day wherein you are allowed to even carry full size bicycles on specific sections of the transport network. If I plan to travel through a tube then I have the facility to park my bicycle safely at the cycle stands.

Travelling by a bicycle in London make me realize that I am living not a robotic life and have some physical activity apart from my work. However, if you opt for cycling tour from one neighbourhood to another in London then you may have to think of carrying half of your home along. I am ready for all this if I can stay close to nature in some way and that can only happen if you travel by bike.

Why I Prefer to Travel by Bike:

  • Economical – Looking for a cheap travel option? Take a bicycle ride and save lot of money. To me it sounds as a good economical way to travel.
  • Freedom – Your travel is in your hands. I find it the best as now I don’t have to check busy bus schedules and wait for booking any tickets. I can now leave my place whenever I want without actually relying on some third source. Though, there are restrictions as how far and fast you can go but still that sense of freedom prevails. Step out of your London Premier Kensington hotels, pick up your bicycle and off you go.
  • Biking is Fun: To me, biking sounds like fun. A bicycle ride is not always easy and not many people can conveniently opt for. It may sound difficult to some but those who have time in their pockets and have courage to do some exercise can surely try this out. I have even met people those who chose a bicycle ride because they didn’t have enough money.
  • Safety – If we talk about bike riding precautions and safety, you will find a lot available on the web. But, according to me you should get your mind clear of all those negative aspects as I can assure that a bike ride is far safer as compared to other travel options and modes of transport.

If you are a beginner then before riding it this way, catch hold of some of the important points as things if well planned actually make a lot of sense rather than haywire preparations.

  • How long you want to and where?
  • Hotel accommodations
  • How are feeling health wise
  • How much baggage you plan to carry?
  • What important stuff you should bring along on a bike ride?
  • Do you have any prior experience of cycling to long distances?

These are few essential points to ponder especially for beginners.

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