Narrow Escapes in London

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London Attractions

There are many things we do while on tours across the world, but the attractions in London are different. They are a class apart and provide you with the pleasures of greatly interesting sights and amazing events. However there are some attractions here which have missed being erased out of the scene. These have survived a common disaster and are today still a major attraction. Let us see what they are.

St. Paul’s In the Blitz

There was a great fire in the month of December in 1920, where there were many buildings completely razed to the ground. There was a bomb that landed straight on the dome of St.paul’s and burnt for some tense moments. People had thought it would melt through the lead and the beams made of wood would catch fire. However it went outward and fell on the stone gallery where it was instantly extinguished. Thus it came to be recognized as one of the major misses which have survived in London attractions.

The Gunpowder Plot

Sometime in the year 1605, there was a gang of Catholics who tried to freshen up the entire state opening of the Parliament with around three dozen barrels of gunpowder. If the plan had succeeded then the city would have been in smithereens by now. This thus comes in the list of misses in London.

3. Queen Victoria assassination attempts

Queen Victoria has reigned over England for 64 years and her rule has not been without its own related anxieties. There have been so many attempts on trying to bump her off that it has topped the list of London misses. John William Bean rose to notoriety by being the third potential assassin. This 17 year old hunchback could not succeed in discharging the gun and the coppers arrested him instantly.

The Hat Trick of Geoff Hurst

In the year 1966, in Wembley Stadium there were just eleven minutes in the extra time of World Cup Final. Geoff Hurst almost succeeds in unleashing a great goal, however Swiss referee Gottfrid Dienst insisted it did. West Germany got stunned and lost the final by conceding a goal. This became a near miss in London tours.

Blue Ice Showers

In the year 2008, there were chunks of blue ice that fell from the sky much to the amusement of all. The chunks were the size of a portable television and missed from hurting anyone standing below. Blue ice is the nugget formed due to the human waste and frozen disinfectant which usually are found dropping from any aeroplane toilet that leaks. This sure is a favourite while discussing London misses. .

The London Olympics 100m in 1948

What was so special about the London Olympics of 1948? Well sprinter Barney Ewell believed that he could walk the entire event. But he was not prepared for the young and sprightly Harrison ‘Bones’ Dillard who was also a participant in the same. Dillard ran so well that the unlucky Ewell was just beaten at the post thus making it on the list of London misses.

Exploding Manholes in London

London has tried many ways to keep the pavements clean. This year, in 2014, the Great Wen tried to make manhole covers that began to explode on the streets. Caused due to heavy rainfall and shorting electrical circuits, these explosions were easily avoided in Piccadilly and Pimlico thus bringing it on the top London misses.

War of the worlds

This HG Wells classic novel had strange lights all over the sky and the city of London gets completely whipped up by the bug eyed interlopers. The Martians finally succumb to these bacteria. This surely featured greatly in the narrow escapes in London.

London with its magnificent attractions and beautiful sight seeing locales provides you with ideal travel luxuries ad tour delights. However the city has its own share of historical importance and regal elegance and contributes greatly to the list of misses here in this part of the world. Experiencing the pleasures of being in London, is a magnanimous experience and when you know about the misses that London has had to face then the tours seems even more interesting.

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