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Skyscrapers have always been in trend for a city like London. The fascinating structure marks the epitome of great architecture in the capital city. If we talk about Greater London, the area at present comprises of most skyscrapers than in any other metropolitan in the entre European Union. London has got a history of immensely tall structures and it all began with the construction of the White Tower. It is a part of the Tower of London.

All modern cities including the capital city always keep on renewing itself. The history often attempts to renovates itself departing with it’s the past. Thus, travellers will often find the corners of the city decorated well with quirky buildings. Each building has its own story. These off beat unusual structures often form the building blocks in the capital city.

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Mentioned below are some of the quirky buildings in London city to catch a glimpse:

Police Post:

If you want to witness the smallest police station ever, Britain is the place to go. The smallest police post is ideally situated in the south-east corner of the famous Trafalgar Square which is even a world record holder for being Britain’s smallest police station ever. It is such a tiny box that cannot accommodate more than 2 prisoners at a time. The main purpose of this post is however to house just one police officer.

If we talk of the current scenario, this police post is no longer in use by the local police and is instead used as a cupboard to hold brooms for Westminster Council cleaners.

Turkish Baths:

Turkish Baths are even called as hammams which is a variant of the steambath, sauna and Roman Baths. During the Victorian era, these baths were especially known as the places where you can sit back and feel the sense of relaxation. These baths were constructed by Henry and James Forder Nevill. This old building is now turned into a pizzeria, a restaurant. Those who would like to visit the place shall do it from Monday to Friday only. It is operational five days in a week. Tourists often visit these baths.

Shell Buildings:

These shell huts are ideally located right across the way from Victoria Station. These unusual little structures were constructed as a part of re-landscaping of Lower Grosvenor Gardens. These are entirely built in French style in the honour of Anglo-French understanding and Marshal Foch. The shells jewelled up in these huts were brought from France. These small sheds at present act as storage spaces for gardeners and their gardening tools.

Smallest Cathedral:

Though, England is all jewelled up with amazing architecture the weird buildings of all times still remain under limelight. If you have been to the capital city before then you must have heard about the smallest cathedral in England. Vauxhall Bridge holds eight statues which is an astounding sight to watch. Each statue symbolizes diverse concepts including Education, Potter and Engineering etc. If you carefully look at the statue of Architecture, this is where you could actually see the smallest cathedral. This statue is there holding the model of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Its intricate designing will make you feel stunned and it is even said that it’s the smallest one in the world. Though it’s the smallest, but still it is finely detailed.

Smallest House in London:

After the story of the world’s smallest cathedral here comes the smallest house in the capital city. This weird house is located at none other than Hyde Park which is a popular tourist destination in itself. Right across the lake at 10, Hyde Park Place, you will get to witness the sight of the smallest house ever. This house is said to be the smallest as per its measurements. As far as the measurements are concerned, it is just three feet tall and six inches wide.

Just try getting into the house and you will feel really squeezed up. The house dates back 1805 and at present it is a part of Tyburn Convent. During World War II, this tiny house was hit by a bomb.

London’s Only Lighthouse:

The meeting point of River Lee and Thames is the place where situated the only lighthouse in the capital. It is quietly nestled deep within the Docklands. Originally its purpose was to act as a testing venue for new lighthouse technology. Have you heard the name of Michael Faraday? One of the significant scientists even performed his experiments under this ancient lighthouse. Trinity Buoy Wharf is the area where this is actually located. However, today this place has turned into one of the most bizarre places in the capital city, thus allure tourists those who come in search of something weird to look around.

Ostler’s Hut:

The city has no dearth of little hidden gems. Ostler’s Hut is one of them which is well known to be the smallest listed building in the city till date. This hut is still well protected at the Lincoln’s Inn and was built in the year 1860. This hut was made to house the inn’s ostler who was a man there who used to take care of the horses of the arriving guests at the inn. However, after sometime he was out of that job and the building was never used again.

The list to these quirky buildings in the city is endless. However, those who get the chance to discover them shall say that they have even discovered the unusual side of London as well.

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