Online Problems Hotels Face and How to Fix Them

Although running a hotel has never been a simple business, it is fair to say that in recent years it has become more complicated than ever.  Savvy travellers come with their own list of expectations and hotels are now expected to not only provide a comfortable stay but a personalised one as well.  In addition, hotels must ensure that they have a strong online presence to enable them to compete with larger chains and this can bring its own set of difficulties.


With new hotels opening every day, competition in the travel industry is fierce and it is no different in the online world.  A hotel must make sure that it is not only visible online but that it has an actual ‘presence’ so that potential guests can directly interact with the hotel.  To get an edge on your competition there are marketing strategies you can employ such as clever use of social media, optimised websites and even creating an app for your hotel so a guest can fully personalise their own experience.

Poor Marketing

Although a digital marketing strategy is essential in today’s climate, it is also very easy for hotels to stretch themselves too thin in trying to compete across all social media platforms and to tick so many different boxes.  This can, in some cases, then look like poor marketing.  To begin with, choose a few areas where you wish to improve or maintain a strong presence and focus on making those a success before expanding into other areas.

Unnecessary Loss of Business

Offering guests the chance to book online directly with the hotel should have resulted in a boom for hotels and yet so many hotels find themselves struggling to secure those direct bookings.  More often than not this is an entirely unnecessary loss of business and comes down to the fact that the hotel a) doesn’t have a fast and responsive site and b) customers cant’ find where to click to book.  Solve this issue by having a clear call to action button placed somewhere visible on your site, which then leads to a dedicated online booking engine for hotels which is easy to use.  You should also ensure that your website is optimised for use on all devices; something which is actively being checked by Google at the moment with sites which aren’t optimised being penalised in search results.

Confusing Branding

Have one logo and one style of branding and use only this branding when you are online.  Different logos or even different colour schemes can easily confuse guests who won’t know whether they are looking at your social media account or another hotel.  Don’t expect them to hang around to check out either; even the most determined guest will quickly lose interest if they have to search to find you.  Clear, consistent branding is key to having a successful online presence.

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