Options for Best Street Food in London

London has suddenly caught the street food fever as more and more residents, tourists and business travellers seem to be enjoying this type of food that is available on the go, is tasty and cheaper than eating at a restaurant. The street food scene brightens up in summer as it is available in different cuisines and styles ranging from Deep-fried Valrhona brownies to sweet potato roti. There are a whole lot of options throughout the city but only some of them are mentioned below:

HOMESLICE – chorizo and rocket pizza: Pizza lovers simply love the wood-fired pizzas offered by this food truck that uses the best dough and out-of-this-world toppings. One of their best offerings is the chorizo with rocket. Every Thursday in May you can find them at King’s Cross and at Broadway Market Schoolyard on Saturdays and also at various other locations in London.

THE EVERYBODY LOVE LOVE EXPRESS – jhal muri: This concoction comes directly from Calcutta in India where it is a hot favourite. The basic ingredient of this absolutely delicious mixture is puffed rice to which is added small pieces of coconut, coriander, tomato, peanuts, onion, ginger, and red chillies and after mixing it with a spoon in a container, lime juice, mustard oil and tamarind are added and mixed again. All these ingredients are kept in stainless steel pots set in a tray in a jaunty trolley covered in garlands. This mixture is served to customers in a paper cone with a small plastic spoon. This original recipe has been modified by Angus, creator of ELL Express and sold as street food in London. He can be spotted in Tooting sometimes as also in Hackney. He keeps moving from place to place but his jhal muri is simply delicious and quite spicy and hot.

HEALTHY YUMMIES – scallops: Serving her dishes from her old Bedford van, owner Nicky serves delicious scallops. It is prepared by throwing hand-dived scallops into a pan of pance6tta jewels and melted butter and then a squeeze of lemon and a bit of Sea Asper are added to the pan. These are then placed atop celeriac puree. Lemony juices are poured over it before being presented to the customers. The Healthy Yummies can be found at various places in the summer.

ZARDOSHT – saffron & orange chicken: Tasty K in Brixton is easily noticed as it is a bright blue, hand painted caravan that sells Guyanese roti. Brixton Station Toad has plenty of food traders  who serve delicious food items mainly to locals during the Mon-Fri lunch hours. The stalls are now appearing on Fridays-Sundays and they are also selling French dip sandwiches, vegan cookies and Austrian food. The prominent one is Tasty K which has a few plastic tables and chairs parked nearby and it offers different flavours of roti made as a roll.

Visitors to London who wish to go round the various street food stalls, should stay at Grand Royale Hotel Hyde Park London as they will be located close to most of them and also to the other attractions of the city while enjoying comfortable accommodation.

YUM BUN – pork yum bun: Offering individually handmade ‘pillow-soft’ steamed buns made by her in her North London kitchen, Lisa’s buns are steamed, parted open and filled with a thick little tranche of Blythburgh pork before being served to customers on a sheet of paper, making it the ultimate £3 street snack. Located at King’s Cross most Thursdays in May, and on Saturdays at Broadway Market Schoolyard, Yum Bum will be there over the summer.

THE BOWLER – meatball ‘shooter’: The meat balls are ideal for a quick, curbside pick-me-up especially when you are utterly tired. It sells a combination of really incredible pork/beef balls and a proper tomato sauce from a grass-covered van. For a perfect ball you should ask for jez. It is available at King’s Cross on Thursdays in May and can also be seen at The Imperial Arms, Chelsea Tuesdays-Thursdays every week.

LUARDOS – fish tacos: After rolling fat burritos for some time, the place came up with the idea of fish tacos. Last year, soft fish tacos were served and they were highly appreciated. They are larger than a typical Baja one, consisting of a well-fried Chunky strip of fish and with chipotle sour cream, cabbage shreds and big lime squeeze. The tortillas are always griddled, making all the difference. During the summer, you can find the Luardos vans at several places such as at King’s Cross every Friday in May, at Brockley Market on Saturdays and on Mon-Fri at Whitecross Station in the other van.

CHRIS, THE GUYANAN HANDMADE ICE CREAM GUY – coconut and cinnamon ice cream: Offering the old school approach to ice cream, this vendor moves around with his ice cream bucket and a sleeve of little cups. The ice cream is made in a wooden bucket, using salt and ice to freeze the ice cream base and then churning by hand. It is made with cinnamon and coconut and he does not stay for too long at one spot and keeps moving around. It is truly delicious, unlike other ice creams.

BEA’S OF BLOOMSBURY – deep-fried Valrhona brownie on a stick with ice cream and caramel sauce: Famed for American-inspired tearooms around London, Bea now has a pancake truck. It has a vat full of meringue batter and a rack of be-sticked brownie slabs, and these are then dipped into the batter and held in deep frying fat for about 4 minutes. When they come out, they are hot and golden and they are presented along with homemade vanilla ice cream. The brownie inside becomes a moist, fudgy mess and the hot batter casing acts as a bridge to new horizons while the ice cream fills any holes left. Bea can be found at The Diner on Maltby every Saturday.

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