Bayswater’s Happening Supermarkets

London has a plethora of things for its visitors to see and experience. With a number of stores that are packed in every corner of the streets, visitors in London can have More »

Unknown Places In The City, Know About Them

Notting Hill is one of the London’s most fulfilling areas. One can find the prestigious film theatres, displays, sustenance diners besides many plays. This place is extremely outstanding and is standard tube More »


Best Things To Do On a Rainy Day In London

Most locals in London always step out with their umbrellas. The latter is a must because even in the middle of the summer season there always is a chance of a shower or two, every few days. If you are

Things to See and Do As A Tourist In London

London is undoubtedly one of the most amazing cities in the world. Filled to the brim with culture, history, architecture and food, there are innumerable activities and adventurous for tourists which not only provide them with entertainment but also refresh

Top Tips for Creating a Great Booking Experience

A customers experience with your hotel begins as soon as they click onto your website, after all, it is very rare that a face to face booking occurs nowadays. First impressions are important, the first five seconds tells a customer

Speaking The Hotel Lingo

Whether you’re just starting out in the hotel game or whether you’re a guest who has a keen interest in knowing the ins and outs of the hospitality game, knowing the correct terminology is key. In the hospitality sector, there

Quick Guide to the Art Museums in London

London is a city full of history and culture and is home to hundreds of interesting museums and art galleries which are worth exploring.  Whether you have accommodation booked in the North of London or South of the city, we

Delicious desserts of London

The latest London dessert horizon has spread over like wildfires. With freakshakes to the new waffle uproar, the London dessert’s success is roaring loud. The boring old stuff of candies, caramels, chocolate lavas, ice creams has now gone into the

Secret Places to discover in London

London has horde of secret places that are worth visiting because of the interesting stories that are associated with them. These are those places that have something to teach about the life of ordinary man as well as about the

Top sensational shopping spots in London

London always ranked the first place in the list of people who want to indulge in high class shopping spree. The large variety of Up-market showrooms and stores and shopping markets, in London have been the favorite of both the

The best ice-cream joints in and around Islington

London is a great city to visit no matter what the season. The city si home to an amazing variety of attractions both modern and medieval that make it one of the most visited cities in the world. Every year

London’s hidden gems – Its secret gardens

London is one of the greenest European capitals in Europe and the world. With more than 300 parks and gardens many of them private, it is a nature lover’s paradise. Apart from its famous eight Royal Parks there are plenty