Paradise of cheese, La Fromagerie in London, England

London has many cheese shops and La Fromagerie is one among them. This shop is not just a shop but it is also a restaurant serving a great variety of cheese dishes. This is one of the best cheese shops in London.

London is best place for a variety of food. Here you can get the best quality of cheese. There are many shops where you can get the best type of cheese and La Fromagerie in London is one of them. The shop is one of the best cheese shops in London.  They have a great variety of cheese dishes and you will literally feel like you are in the paradise of cheese. The shop is divided in two parts. There are two section of shop one section is of shop and one section is of restaurant. The entry is some type of small supermarket where you can get fresh material and also some fresh vegetables and fruits. It is not all about the food but there is also kitchenware, oils, nuts and lot more for you to buy.

The prices here are very affordable. All the products are of top quality and they are fresh too. In the restaurant there is a famous ‘Cheese Room’ where you can see a great variety of cheese from the farm. These cheeses come directly from the artisan producers. Either you see a pizza cheese or Italian. Just try the Swedish or Swiss. Everything is here for you. The staff here is very good and they will make you aware of all the variety. They will also help you with selecting the best one for you. You can try a great verity of cheese dishes here. They have new menu daily and there is always something new and exciting every day. You can take a breakfast, lunch or dinner at this place. The restaurant has many cheese dishes made of fresh cheese. You can try a cheese pizza or take a cheese burger. You can see the menu online and decide what you would like to have.

You will feel like you are overloaded with cheese. You can also try some cheese rolls here. You can also get many discounts at this place. The rates are very affordable and you can enjoy here without tension. Just check out the menu and decide what you would like to take for your lunch. If you want to enjoy cheese and cheese recipes at this place then you need to stay at one of the best hotels in the nearby area. There are many good hotels nearby and Park Grand Lancaster gate hotel London is one among them. The hotel is one of the best London hotels. The hotel offers good food, good services, best facilities and much more. You can book your room in advance online and have fun. They also give you many discounts for booking the hotel online. Just book the hotel and delight in.

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