Period Style Living Rooms in London

There are so many amazing things a trip to London affords – with so much on offer and so many different things to do popping up and happening all the time you’re sure to have a really enjoyable stay. This amazing city boasts a variety of brilliant things to do which ticks absolutely every box for different things to do – and is sure to offer a little something special for you and your forthcoming getaway. If you’re into the more cultural side of the city then there’s plenty for you. From amazing art galleries through to some of the hottest plays in the world, alongside some brilliant museums and some amazing gigs, so you’re sure to find plenty to delight on your next London break. If you’re more into your food, and eating and drinking, then there is certainly going to be so much for you to enjoy, such as the host of amazing haute cuisine and Michelin starred eateries, plus some great places where you can enjoy some slightly less expensive small plates or some hip and edgy budget places to grab a bite. If you’re wanting to visit London to go out and have fun, then there’s plenty for you to do too – such as some great places to sample a craft beer or some brilliant and unusual bars, plus some of the hottest clubs in the world.

Brilliant City

London is a much-loved city and makes for an always good idea – and as a decidedly adored destination it constantly offers so much to see and do. London is an eclectic city offering a decided multitude of all the different things you might want to make the most of on your future city stay. Offering something for all with some brilliant cultural things, some amazing shopping options and a host of excellent eateries and restaurants – there something for all. Offering a really stunning city to wander around, from the stunning and iconic London buildings that are found lining the busy city streets through to the host of amazing tourist sights to see – this truly stunning city offers an exciting hub of amazing things for you to get up to and do – and London is certainly that city. With some amazing hotel stays offering so many different hotel experiences, with something that will surely impress you, there’s a lot of choice. The best hotel in London is undefined, but there are some truly amazing ones, such as the gorgeous The Royal Horseguards, offering central and stylish accommodation with plenty to delight in.

Geffrye Museum

One of the most unusual and interesting museums in the world, this decidedly unusual place is dedicated to chronicoling the humble living room throughout history dating back to the 1600s. Found just outside of Shoreditch, accessible by the underground, this amazing museum is easily accessible, allowing you to quickly reach the museum as part of your break. Each period room displays a different period in history, with a truly impressive level of attention to detail. Check out a living room from the thirties or a parlour rooms from the 1800s. See a nineties loft apartment or a Victorian reception room – the fabulous rooms will truly send you back in time. The period rooms and the period gardens are free to visit, and so make for an amazing budget trip!

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