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Every wedding day is special to each couple as it is the day where they commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives. However, most of the packages that venues put together are general and not unique to each couple so, to combat this, inject a few personal touches throughout your day to make it your own.

Every little girl dreams about her big day; marrying the person of her dreams wearing a beautiful white dress while walking down the aisle of a castle, church or one of the luxury wedding venues London has, and every girl has little touches that would make the day her own. It is important that, as an adult, a few of these ideas are still part of your day as a nod to the child in you that had these dreams and it is also incredibly important to include a few personal notions of your time with your partner, from the beginning right up to the wedding day. This could be in the form of childhood photographs of you both or even the seating plan being named after different places that have meaning in your relationship, such as where you went on your first date, the road of your first house together etc. If you have invited children to your day, why not provide some colouring pencils and a personal colouring book telling of your love story to keep them entertained.

The decorations are a fantastic way of adding a personal touch such as creating the centre pieces yourself. There are so many ideas on social media, such as Pinterest, where simply putting submerged flowers, water and floating candles can really make a table stand out. Making place cards for your guests is a simple way to add a splash of your personality as well as saving yourself some money; a great way is to print out their picture and place it in a stand or, when the invites are sent out, request that a picture of them as a child is sent back with the RSVP. This is guaranteed to give the guests a few laughs and make hunting for their seats more amusing.

The cake is not only the centre piece of the reception, it is also the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your personality as a couple. Many choose to have a classic design at the front with a secret section showing at the back while others tend to make the most out of the cake toppers and either make identical figurines or comical ones. Whatever you decide, the cake should reflect you both.

Social media has become a big part of our lives, whether we are facebooking friends, tweeting or posting pictures on Instagram, it is ingrained in our everyday life. Your guests will be commenting on your day via social media so why not create a special hashtag so that every post, picture and comment can be found in one place for you and your new spouse to peruse at a later date. However, if there are a few guests who are not social media friendly, place a polaroid on a table with the guest book and allow guests to take instant photos and write personalised messaged on the back; these will be great keepsakes for you as newlyweds.

Your wedding programme is another area where your personality can shine through and reflect you both as a couple. If you enjoy watching films, why not present the programme as a movie poster or if you are theatre lovers, design your wedding programme as a theatre book, casting you and your spouse-to-be as the leading actors and your wedding party as supporting cast. By doing this, your guests can put a face to a name, it eliminates any awkward introductions and brings the entire wedding congregation closer together. Another fantastic idea is to set your programme up like a drinks menu, presenting you and your partner as cocktails with the wedding party as shots. With this, you can create your very own wedding cocktail and serve it to your guests at the reception, it is a creative way to make your day unique to you.

Usually, if you are booking a package menu with a venue, your food menu is set. You will have several options to choose from but limits are set within the package that you have purchased. If you decide to go it alone, take some inspiration from your relationship; you could recreate your meal from your first date or each choose a dish from your favourite holiday destinations. Another great option is to revert back to your childhood and choose dishes that were your absolute must-haves as a youngster; this not only makes the day personal but it also makes it more intimate and relaxed. There are also companies that personalise sweets and chocolates so, if you have a sweet tooth, hire a sweet cart filled with sugary treats and have them personalised with your faces, your initials or the date of your wedding day. Not only will the children love it, most of the adults are also guaranteed to.

There are little personal tweaks that can be added to your day that can simply be between you and your future spouse. Little things such as embroidery just inside the suit with a loving message or each others fingerprint engraved inside your wedding rings can add a beautiful touch to the start of your married life that is simply shared between you and your loved one.

Every wedding day is special for every couple but adding your own personal touches to the day will ensure that it is more significant to you both and will give you happy memories for the rest of your lives.

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