Places And Buildings Giving Some Of The Best Views Of London

You are sure to get overwhelming of the fact that there is so much to do in London, and this city has so much to offer to its tourists and visitors as well. Once you have enjoyed the city at the ground level, now it is time for you to head upwards and capture some of the stunning and panoramic views of many famous attractions and buildings of the city. While heading for heights, you will get some of the best views of London no matter whether you are staying at best western hounslow or at grand park hotel london hounslow.

The London Eye

London Eye is the tourist attraction that is located centrally in the heart of the city and rotating in its full grace over River Thames and just opposite Big Ben and House of Parliament. The London is said to be the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in the world, a sheer feat of engineering and design. It has come to be known as the symbol of the country and a global icon. You will get a breathtaking 360 degrees view of London from the London Eye and some of its famous landmarks as well. You will get every perspective of London and its best views.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s is one of the iconic buildings of London holding years of history through its architecture and interior. You can explore this grand building from the past with a guided tour or a touch-screen multimedia guide as well. It also consists of a crypt with memorials and tombs some of the greatest heroes of the nation like Duke of Wellington and Admiral Lord Nelson.

Besides, giving you an opportunity to p[arise the history and culture of the oldest civilization of the world, the St. Paul’s Cathedral also gives a panoramic view of London from the Golden Gallery as you continue to climb the top from Whispering Gallery.

Tower Bridge Exhibition

City’s some of the best buildings offer some of the breathtaking and panoramic view of London. One such is the Tower Bridge. From the Tower Bridge Exhibition, you will get to know the history and mechanism behind bridge works from all around the world.

At the same time, you will also be able to enjoy the awe-inspiring views from walkways of Tower Bridge that is located just 45 meters above the Thames River. You will be able to enjoy the unique perspective of London life from under your feet through the glass panels.

The Shard And Its View

The shard is not only a premium attraction for visitors, but it is also known to give one of the best views of the city that is just breathtaking. The Shard is the newest landmark of London that since its establishment, it had redefined London’s skyline with spectacular views that stretch up to 40 miles. It is the only place from where the visitor can see the entire city at once.

London Through Helicopter Tours

Another best way to a mind-blowing view of London is from the helicopter tours. You will be able to enjoy seamless and panoramic views that are will simply never be able to forget. Soaring high above the Thames, you will get to see city’s different landmarks from the perspective like never before.

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