Places in London Where You Can Satisfy Your Hot Chocolate Cravings

People in the UK, especially in London are great chocolate lovers, which is borne out by the fact that the city has umpteen places where you can get best hot chocolate. Making a list of the best ones is difficult because of its magnitude and as such, the list is being narrowed down to places in central London that are open regularly and do not work part-time or seasonally. Moreover they are well-established and not likely to shut down in the near future. Moreover, they sell ready to drink hot chocolate.

Paul A Young is located at 33 Camden Passage, Islington. It was started by the British chocolatier Paul A. Young who opened his first store in Islington in 2006 and has impressed his clients ever since then, with his wonderful hot chocolates. He uses  water instead of milk for the drink because he says that chocolate has its own fat content in the form of cocoa butter and as such adding further fat would spoil the taste. The percentage of cocoa solids varies throughout the year depending on the weather as it is kept at 70% in winter and 64% in summer to get a lighter taste.

As per public comments, this high-ranking chain cafe serves the thickest hot chocolate and some comments also say that its hot chocolates are the best in London. Although most people think that this boulangerie-patisserie cafe is only associated with coffee and pastries, it also serves superb hot chocolate. It offers fresh items in a relaxed environment. Milk that has been whisked for about half an hour for each batch is used to prepare the hot chocolate and it becomes so thick that a spoon is required to consume it.

Konditor & Cooke
It is a bakery located at Shaftesbury Avenue, London and has cafe branches that are famous for their cakes. You can find an excellent place to sit by the side of a window and watch people moving around outside at its Curzon Soho branch and enjoy their hot chocolate that is thick and creamy. They make their dark hot chocolate with milk, double cream, vanilla pods and 70% cocoa solids chocolate.

For tasting the best hot chocolate in London, it would be ideal to stay in hotels near Hogarth Road as you would be located close to some of the places offering the tastiest hot chocolate.

William Curley
Located at Ebury Street, the shop of this chain in SW1 is considered to be a chocolate heaven. Having won the Best UK Chocolatier Award more than once, it features an ice-cream counter, ample room to enjoy a hot chocolate and fresh patisserie and chocolates. The chocolate used by them has a high percentage of cocoa solids and it uses a combination of one part chocolate to five parts of full fat milk. The hot chocolate is rich, creamy and luxurious as it is made with a mix of whisked milk and chocolate and a frothed milk layer and it has grated chocolate on top.

La Maison du Chocolat
Located at Piccadilly in London, its hot chocolate is described as the most memorable and a complete meal in itself. You get a fantastic smell of cocoa as soon as you walk in and its counter that offers hand-crafted French chocolates is also very impressive. It offers a real treat although it is quite expensive. Another branch of this shop is available in Harrods.

Hotel Chocolat Kensington
Its location at Kensington High Street is a big advantage as people like to visit this prime location and the in-store hot chocolate offerings are equally marvellous. They serve liquid chocolate that is made with 72% dark chocolate and skimmed milk but it has less sugar than traditional hot chocolate  making it very chocolaty without excessive sweetness.

Longitude at Le Meridien Piccadilly
Three choices of Godiva chocolate and 19 flavourings are offered at this shop giving it the highest options of luxury chocolate available to be enjoyed in one sitting.

This unique cafe at Lower Marsh in London was originally a scooter repair shop that was known as Scooterworks and it had a small cafe. However, in 2009 it was transformed more into an eating and drinking joint rather than a bike repair shop. The place also screens films in the basement besides serving some really good hot chocolate, especially the one dusted with a bit of nutmeg that is served at its Waterloo shop. The cocoa used by them is of the highest order.

This chain of French patisseries having more than twenty branches is spread all across London and serves one of the best hot chocolate in the city as it has that really rich, gloopy hot chocolate that just melts in your mouth. Paul South Kensington is highly recommended.

Harrods Chocolate Bar
Located on the 2nd floor of Harrods, it is extremely popular to the extent that you may have to wait on weekends to gain entry. It offers plenty of options from traditional hot chocolates to thick hot chocolates and even chocolate hot toddies. Most people prefer the hot chocolate rather than the chocolate fondue that is also a great option .

Located at Ledbury Road, London, this chocolate shop serves hot chocolate in small cups but it is rich, dark and strong. You can even buy blocks that can be taken home. The chocolate that is described as being sensuous with a sticky texture is available in seven different blocks.

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