Places to Admire the Early Morning Beauty in London

London as we all know is one of the most visited holiday destinations in the world. There is a lot to admire here in this capital city. From classic royalty to history and world’s greatest architecture there are several things to look upon. The city is quite multicultural and from exotic clothing to delectable cuisines there is much diversity in the capital city. Just like Londoners, travellers can also sense the elegance which is there in the air.

The capital city of England is extremely beautiful and some even say that the heavens fall here. Especially the early morning scenes of the city are mesmerising and you can catch a glimpse of those being awake in early hours. The breathtaking views shall change your outlook towards this beautiful city and you will start loving it even more.

There are accommodation options from where everything seems more attractive than ever. Hyde park accommodation is a similar one to catch up the glimpses of the most stunning city. Summer mornings are quite tempting in a sense to go out for a walk or to have some fun. For those who are genuinely interested in witnessing the real beauty of the city must visit the following places again in the early hours of the day:

Houses of Parliament

The early morning scene at the Houses of Parliament is just amazing. The structure glows all over in a sunny morning. Plenty of tourists visit this breathtaking attraction, however if you want to admire its real beauty then you must come here before the place is surrounded by people here and these. Before the tourists and localities start flocking the place is a sight worth visiting. The Gothic tower in itself is a pleasure to watch.

Albert Bridge

This is a road bridge that lies over the River Thames in West London. The bridge connects Battersea on the south and Chelsea on the north banks. Where can you find an open and an airy space in London than the most famous Albert Bridge. The open breathtaking views of the city could be seen here and this is the place where you can go for an early stroll alongside the Thames. It will be a refreshing experience all together.

The Serpentine

If you have heard of the city before or are a frequent traveller then you must have heard of the captivating Hyde Park. It is one of the Royal parks in London. The park in itself is extremely stunning and vivacious featuring the very well known The Serpentine. It is a recreational lake that boasts of several stunning activities especially during summers. From boating to swimming there are lot of facilities to look forward. This is the place where you can spend some quiet moments with your family. A silent walk alongside the lake is an experience to cherish in itself.

Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

It is a leisure activity centre featuring something for everyone. Watching sunrise from behind this Grade II listed building is a moment worth to catch and discover. Concrete walkways and glass building make this place even more stunning. It not only offers amazing views, but also gives a fresh start to your mornings. With gym and other facilities, you can start your day with some fresh air and exercise at the centre.

History lovers have so much to explore here as you can indulge your senses into some of the most incredible places to see. There are plenty of unexpected sites and various other surprising attractions. The alluring sites include London Eye, Richmond Park, The Shard and lot more.

London Eye:

No other attraction boasts of stunning views of the magnificent London skyline than the giant Ferris wheel, London Eye. Whether you wish to see the early sunrise or dazzling sunsets this is the place to be at. Also known as the Millennium Wheel, it helps you to celebrate and commemorate the iconic moments of your life. The South Bank of the River Thames is well decorated by this wheel. A ride on the Eye will make you catch the best views of the entire city. However, you have to decide that whether you want to discover the beautiful and peaceful London during the early hours in the morning or want to catch a glimpse of the glittery city under the impact of vivacious lights in the evening.

If you are trying to decide as what all beautiful places you can see here in London then let me tell you that you will left spoilt for choices. With so much to offer, the city it can be hard to select just one or two. A stay at the grand royale London shall make your confusion a bit easy as you can select the ones that lie closer to your accommodation.

People love the city of London to the core as this is one place which is totally immersed in history. The ravishing antiquity and historic splendour makes it even more amazing. There are several eye-catching milestones that make you admire the beauty of the city more and more. Though, there are plenty of obvious choices of attractions and sightseeing to visit, but above mentioned places are well deserving on the list.

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