Places to visit near Lancaster Gate

London in the summer is a charming city to visit with the weather being well suited for sightseeing. There are innumerable tourist attractions in the city and one can never tire of seeing them. Besides the well recognised and prominent tourist places there are other gems in the city worth a visit.

If you are staying at any of the hotels near Lancaster Gate there are some very interesting places to visit and explore.   If you alight at the Tube Station in the area there are plenty of things to do near Lancaster Gate station. If you are new to the area you could opt for a Lancaster Gate tube station guide, which will help you to select the places to visit. When it comes to places to visit Lancaster Gate Station is the perfect place to begin your tour.

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Serpentine Sackler Gallery: It is the newest addition in 2013 to the already famous Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens. Its venue was formerly a gunpowder depot that has been restored and transformed into the stunning new Serpentine Sackler Gallery. The work of redesigning  the former Palladian Style villa which served as an armoury went to Zaha Hadid who was the winner of the prestigious Pritzker Prize. Hadid did a splendid job in creating a stylish new 900 metre gallery. It belnds the modern with the old with a white undulating roof upon the historic structure that lies just a short distance away from the original Serpentine Gallery. It derived its name of the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, from Dr Mortimer & Theresa Sackler, who’s Foundation made the project a reality. It is free of cost to visit and is open daily. Here you will find a variety of art forms including music, dance, architecture, contemporary art and lots more. It is a significant addition to London’s modern arts scene.

Serpentine Boating Lake: You will find this delightful attraction in the centre of London’s famous Hyde Park. The source of water in the lake is an underground spring and is one of the best places to cool off in summer when the mercury rises and temperatures soar. With over a 100 pedalos and rowboats, as well as a fabulous area reserved for swimming it is the ideal way to beat the stress of London and to relax.  The lake is curved in shape and slithers around to the west of Hyde Park which gives it its name. It is perfect for swimming with the water being clean and there is a lido area specifically built for it. The Lake divides Hyde Park into two. If running is what you enjoy there is a running club, which also gets its name from the Serpentine and is done on the tracks built in the park.   If you feel peckish after all that activity you could choose between visiting the Lido Cafe or the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen. The lake was also the venue for the swimming leg of the triathlon during the 2012 London Olympics.

Mark Jason Gallery: It was initially setup in 2001 on New Bond Street and after several successful years moved to Edgware Road. It was founded by Mark Jason, who previously was employed with Christie’s for over a decade and was the head of the Impressionist and Modern Department. He is known to be a patron of young upcoming artists and has a knack for picking the best talent. If art is your passion and in particular contemporary art then this is the place to visit. In case you take a fancy to any of the pieces on display which are for sale you could venture to but it. You can be sure its value will appreciate over the years!

Speakers Corner:  One of the more interesting and rather unusual attractions found in Hyde Park it provides a platform for free public speech and free assembly. Bordering more on the theatrical it can be deceptively captivating.  You can find it located opposite the Marble Arch Tube at the corner of Park Lane and Cumberland Gate.  It continues in the British democratic tradition of public oratory. Since the right of free assembly was recognised in 1872 by the Royal Parks and Garden’s Act  you will find people from all walks of life gathered on a Sunday to hear speakers harangue endlessly on a variety of subjects and if nothing else to heckle them. The sheer variety of topics is astounding ranging from Socialism to UFO conspiracies which makes it wacky but fun to listen to. Although there have been stalwarts of the likes of Lenin, Karl Marx, William Morris and George Orwell who exercised their genius and powers of oratory to spell bind their audiences, the average speaker is not really in the same league. To sum up, it makes for great street theatre and free entertainment. If you have any grievances or thoughts that you want to share with the British public step up on the dais and pontificate all you want. A thoroughly entertaining place to visit!

Royal Geographical Society: One of the most prestigious and acclaimed society of intellectuals and academicians it has earned acclaim for the many adventurers and explorers it has sent to distant corners of the earth. You will find great explorers like David Livingstone, Mungo Park, Captain Scott, Ernest Shackleton to name just a few of the many renowned members of the Royal Geographical Society. It was established in 1830 with the express purpose of promoting geographical science and has gone on to become the largest and most active of its kind with over 15,000 members.  There are regular lectures and events conducted by experts in the field of exploration, who share their priceless knowledge with the public.

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