Places to visit with kids in Cambridge

Once you are done sightseeing with the family in London and want to explore other destinations close to London, Cambridge is the place to visit. It is about an hour and half from London and one of the most picturesque locations to visit in the UK. The city is famous for its world class university and is considered to be a centre of academic excellence, along with Oxford.

If you are looking for hotel in the city, one of the best places to stay at is The Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge that is the newest addition in luxury accommodation in the city. Its location within the city centre on Station Road offers convenient access to the attractions in the area. There are a number of exciting places to visit with the kids in Cambridge that include the following:

Linton Zoo: There is nothing quite as exciting as taking the kids on a trip to the zoo! And one of the best places to visit with the kids for the day is Linton Zoo. They have a wonderful collection of animals that include tigers, kangaroos, lions, tortoise, reptiles, lions, zebra, kookaburra, spiders and macaw etc. There are also keeper experiences for visitors that have to be booked prior to your visit. The kids have a large play area to let off steam loose and give the adults some hard earned rest.

Sacrewell Farm and Country Centre: Another wonderful place to visit where the kids will get to see a large variety of farm and domesticated animals. There are an interesting variety of animals to be found here that include lambs, sheep, shire horses and donkeys among other farmyard species. While there do not miss an opportunity to explore their Wildlife Trail that features a variety of creatures. Another great spot is the Activity Barn that offers the kids a play area with a variety of games.

Pigeon’s Farm: The kids will love a trip to Pigeons Farm, where they will be introduced to a variety of animals that include cattle, guinea pigs, mini Shetland ponies, lambs, goats, pigs and other wonderful creatures.  And if you visit in the period that lies between spring and summer the little ones will get an opportunity to feed some of the lambs. A particular favourite with kids is the Small Animal Petting Barn, where they get to holds animals like rabbits and guinea pigs among others. There also are a number of play areas and egg collecting as an activity.

The Farmland Museum and Denny Abbey: To learn more about farming through the centuries visit the Farmland Museum where there is plenty to explore and see. This includes a Farmworker’s Cottage that is an exact replica of how a farmer would have lived in the 1940s. There is the Craftsmen’s Workshops where you will find creations by wheelwrights, basket makers and blacksmiths. There are plenty of agricultural implements and tools on display that span more than a century of farming. It makes for an interesting and informative trip and there is even a children’s play area for them to enjoy themselves.

Hamerton Zoo Park: To experience a truly wild day outdoors, go with the kids to Hamerton Zoo Park! They house an exotic menagerie of animals that include reptiles, primates, alpacas, big cats, birds and other animals. And there also are two designated play areas for the kids and a coffee shop to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. The children will get an opportunity to get close to some animals which is an exciting experience for sure!

Leo’s Funzone : Continuing with the fun places to visit with the kids, Leo’s Funzone is a fantastic place to visit. With plenty of activities that include tunnels to explore, slides, swings and climbing sections. And if the kids build up an appetite after their adventure there is a fabulous variety of treats on offer at the cafe housed there.

Play2Day: With a trio of exciting activities, it is a wonderful place to spend the day at with the kids!   There is their indoor play centre that has a plenty of equipment to keep the little ones busy. These include soft play toys, tunnels, slides, a large bouncy castle and ball pools etc. Another great activity is the ten pin bowling alley that is a great place to let the kids expend their energy and honing their bowling skills. But the activity that kids will probably enjoy the most is Laser Tag. It is exciting and gives an adrenaline rush to both kids and adults.

Funky Funhouse: To keep the kids active and occupied for the better part of the day, take them on a trip to Funky Funhouse. There are plenty of things to keep them busy that include toys for toddlers, sports courts and soft play equipment. With ball pools, tunnels, slides etc. the play centre is a wonderful place where the toddlers get an opportunity to meet kids of their own age and improves their socialising skills.

Cheeky Monkey Play Barn: Cheeky Monkeys Adventure Play is as fun as the name sounds! A great place to visit it has wonderful equipment for the kids to have a blast both indoors and outdoors. So whatever the weather the kids will enjoy themselves with the plenty of activities that are to be found here. The outdoor section includes a playhouse, plenty of outdoor equipment, roundabouts and slides among other things. Indoors there is a fantastic play frame, with plenty of soft toys, ball pools and nets etc. And they could hone their golf skills at an early age at the driving range!

These are just a select few of the numerous places to visit with the kids in Cambridge. The city is the perfect destination for a trip with the family.

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