Plan a Tour from Bloomsbury to London’s City Centre

There are thousands of places to explore in London, but if you are here for a short span of time, say for a day or two only, you would need to plan your itinerary very carefully. You can’t include detailed tours of Natural History Museum and the Science Museum in your schedule since these attractions require you to spend almost an entire day if you start exploring them thoroughly. Your best bet is to opt for a tour from the Bloomsbury neighborhood of London to its City Centre. You will be able to cover several important attractions and also, you’ll be able to explore many iconic restaurants, bars, popular Central London hotels and shopping avenues.

Plan a Tour from Bloomsbury to London’s City Center

The distance between Bloomsbury to the City Center is approximately 2 miles which can easily be covered in 1.5 hours, on foot. But when you intend to explore the attractions, eating joints and shopping destinations in the middle, you can spend an entire day. Pick your favorite attractions beforehand so that there’ll be no confusion once you are out on the streets. Nearest tube station that you can access is Russell Street but you can access the Bernard Street Station as well.

Visit the Charles Dickens Museum

Doughty Street houses many 18th century townhouses and this museum is a fine example of these classy Georgian structures. Dickens lived in this townhouse along with his family from 1837-39. During his time here, he wrote ‘Nicholas Nickelby’ and ‘The Oliver Twist’.

St. Bride’s Church

According to some people the church was built in the 6th century. The crypt of the church is an amazing place to explore. The steeple of this church inspired Mr. Rich, the Fleet Street baker to create his iconic tiered wedding cakes during the 18th century.

The Lamb Pub

Located on the Lamb’s Conduit Street, this pub is a very popular hang-out joint. Fixed privacy columns used to divide the bar into two sections, one for the upper-class guests and the other for the working class during the 18th century. There a number of popular Central London hotels located near this joint which you can explore if you are looking to stay in this area.

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