Planning A Trip Within Limited Budget

Every time we plan a holiday, it is not that we have unlimited budget in hand. There are many instances when we simply wish to visit a place within a limited budget and get some time off our daily schedule. The problem is that in today’s world, finding a good cheap package of holiday trip is getting quite a difficult thing to find, especially with commercialization of every aspect. However, with a bit of proper and careful planning it is possible to squeeze a great holiday trip well within the budget.

The first point is finding the best deal on the mode of transport you will be taking to reach the destination. Instead of opting for a personal transport, it is always better to opt for the mass transport as it provides the best service at cheapest rate. Flight tickets are costly, but there are packages available and special discounts are provided by many. Also the time taken by a flight is remarkably low. Do calculate the cost that you will be incurring in the form of extra holidays that you will need if you are taking a train or any other means other than the flight and compare to find out which is the best mode of transport. Once you have decided, get the tickets at the earliest.

After transport, the next point to consider is the accommodation at the place you will be going. Not all hotels are heavily priced. There are many discount hotels available in every city which will provide you great service at much cheaper rates. You may even opt for furnished apartments or motels if you find them more suitable to your needs. Accommodation takes up a large portion of the budget that you set aside for a holiday. Do not let it cost more than it should. Once finalised, the hotel should also be booked well in advance. There might be early bird booking discount available as well. If you are in a group, make sure you have the booking done at one place since bulk booking almost every time qualifies for additional discounts.

After having selected the accommodation option, it is time to chalk out a plan and shortlist the attractions that you will want to visit. Every city has some free attractions. Not all places of interest are chargeable. Make sure you catch the free attractions and have them in your list of places you will be visiting. For example, if you happen to be in London, you will certainly wish to check out the museums. The London museums are mostly free of charge, unlike many other countries and cities. There are also plenty of them, which will help you plan a fun trip through the history, art and culture of the city, as well as get a glimpse of the scientific achievements over the years. In case of Dubai, the Dubai Fountains are a spectacular view and the best part is that the water and music show is completely free to watch. Likewise, every city will have free attractions. Make sure you have a list of them.

Shopping and dining also is a major cost head. Try to stick to the local stores and markets while shopping to get cheap deals. For the purpose of having a meal, the local restaurants and street side stalls are both wonderful places as well as much cheaper than the hotel restaurants.

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