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There are many variations to the game of bowling which basically involves rolling or throwing of a bowling ball towards a target. The most popular and trendy bowling game in London as well as elsewhere is pin bowling in which the target is usually a set of pins located at the end of a lane towards which the bowling ball has to be rolled with the intention of knocking over all of them. In target bowling, the aim is to get the ball as near a mark as possible. Pin bowling has become very trendy in London and the bowling halls offer a lot more than just bowling by ensuring that the players have a fun night out.

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Pin bowling is usually played on a flat wooden or a synthetic surface which can be oiled in different patterns for different variations and techniques. Even in pin bowling there are different types of games but the most common types are ten-pin, nine-pin, candlepin, five-pin and duckpin bowling. Target bowling is mostly played on grass or gravel and its various types include bocce, bowls, carpet bowls, boules and petanque. Overall, the popularity of bowling has reached dizzying heights with more than 100 million people in more than 90 countries of the world enjoying the game.

While playing the game, a professional bowler looks at two main aspects in order to decide the kind of ball or rotation that he will employ. One aspect is the lane pattern which can be short, medium or large and the other aspect is the lane material which can be either wood or synthetic. The wood lanes are a lot harder, last longer than synthetic lanes and have been used since the origin of the game.

The most common and popular form of pin bowling is the Ten-pin bowling in which the largest and heaviest pins are used and a large ball is bowled with three finger holes. In Nine-pin bowling, the pins are usually attached to strings at the tops and the ball is used without finger holes. In Candlepin bowling, the pins are the tallest and are thin with matching ends and the ball is the smallest and lightest of any handheld ball of any bowling sport. Duckpin bowling is short and squat and is bowled with a handheld ball. Five-pin bowling involves tall pins having a diameter in between duckpins and Candlepins and has a rubber girdle and is bowled with a handheld ball.

The London bowling scene mostly involves 10-pin bowling and the bowling alleys offer much more than the game such as cool bars, tasty American-style food, video games and even private karaoke rooms. Overall, they offer a fun night out that you can enjoy with your friends or relatives. You can also use the venue for a special occasion. Visitors to London who wish to stay in luxury hotels at an affordable cost can try their luck at last minute hotels London West End as they may be able to get a good last minute deal. Moreover, they would be located close to the best bowling alleys in London.

Among the various places in London where you can enjoy the game and have a great time, the following are the most popular.

All Star Lanes: Bloomsbury Branch: It is the first luxury bowling venue in UK that has four lanes downstairs and two lanes upstairs in the private room. You can hire the private room for parties that has a retro-style 1950’s design along with an extensive cocktail list and a fantastic dining facility. The nearest tube station is Holborn. The Bayswater Branch of All Star Lanes luxury bowling venues also has a cool 1950s American retro style, an extensive cocktail bar and a great diner. The venue opened in August 2007. Bayswater and Queensway are the nearest tube stations. The Brick Lane branch offers 22,000 sq ft of bowling, drinking and eating facilities. It is the largest All Star and it opened in November 2008. Liverpool Street and Aldgate East are the nearest tube stations.

Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes: Offering eight classic American-themed bowling lanes, the venue also has a Swivel Bar, a full service Bloomsbury Diner and cocktails and Lane Snacks available. The nearest tube station is Russell Street.

Rowans Leisure: The venue offers 24 lanes and 19 pool tables along with late night bars, huge TV screens and live DJs at the weekend. The nearest tube station is Finsbury Park.

London has many more bowling alleys including The Brooklyn Bowl London, Tenpin Acton, Tenpin Bexleyheath, Tenpin Croydon, Tenpin Feltham, Tenpin Kingston, 1st Bowl, All Star Lanes Westfield Stratford City, Bollywood Bowling, City Limits, Dagenham Bowling, Hollywood Bowl, The Brooklyn Bowl London, Hot Shot Bowls, Number Ten Bowling, Orpington Super Bowl, Super Bowl Elephant & Castle, Namco Funscape County Hall, Queens London Ice Skating and Bowling, Fleetway – 5 & 10 Pin Bowling, Royal Bowlerama and many more.

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