Port Pirie: History Unveiled

The Land Down Under is simply majestic. It is not only about exploring golden sea beaches or gorging on magnificent sea food, Australia is most certainly has more to just being a vacation spot. The enriching historical significance always makes Australia a favorite tourist spot among large number of travelers coming over from different parts across the globe. You are sure to feel a lot more cherishedthroughoutyour vacation. Just in order to make your vacation as happening as possible, it is kind of necessary to ensure that you have taken socialinitiatives in planning out the trip properly.

Look forward to include Port Pirie to your list of Australian itinerary so that you can spend some fabulous time over here in the place which is located on the Spencer Gulf to the northern edge of Adelaide.

If you do not know how much historically significant this zone is then you must look head to read the following:


Port Pirie was traditionally owned by the Nuguna Aboriginal people. Previously, this area was popular as a tarparrie which means muddy creek. It was named mostly named by the local Nuguna Aborigines.

The history of Port Pirie is extremely enchanting. When Mathew Flinders explored the coastal region that mainly surrounds the Port Pirie, he had come up with the Spencer Gulf in the year 1802. The town was thoroughly surveyed only in the year 1871 as the settlement was quite slow. By the 1934, Port Pirie became the biggest smelting works single unit in the whole wide world. In the year 1953, this area was declared as the first provincial city in South Australia.

At present

Port Pirie has become an integral aspect of the Southern Flinders Rangers Development Board. The board basically gets extended to Wilmington to the north to Yacka in the south. This is the second largest port of South Australia. There are several historic buildings and travelattractions being located over here which tend to entice a large number of holiday makers to this region in particular.

Travel sights and attractions

If you wish to spend some of your time in Port Pirie while going out for sightseeing then you must consider exploring The Port Pirie Regional Tourism and Arts Centre. This is an award winning centre that is mainly comprised of a diverse mix of art, information and exhibitions

The National Trust Museum is also another popular travel sight which is located in the historic town buildings. This also includes the Port Pirie railway station and the Old Customs House.

If you do not wish to hire a travel operator, then there are several self-guided walks available where you can be a part of the National Trust Walking tours along with The Journey Landscape.

Gerona Island is another most impeccable holiday spot being located at a close proximal distance to Port Pirie city. If you love fishing then this place is the ideal choice for you.

Port Germein happens to be an idyllic beachside spot where you will be able to come across to several jetties in Australia.

You can look forward to explore all of these along with some more by means of booking your stay at John Pirie Motor Inn. This way you can enjoy a great access to several sightseeinglocales near Port Pirie.

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