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The Heatherwick Rolling Bridge seems to be a standard steel and wooden walkway when exposed – till it requisites to become out of the way.


Formerly, rather than contravention and elating up as an inflexible element, the Rolling Bridge coils until its two trimmings meet. The bridge is distorted into an octagon that attitudes on single side of the waterway, deprived of a trace of a bridge on the additional bank. The Rolling Bridge was considered by British designer Thomas Heatherwick, planned by SKM Anthony Hunt with Packman Lucas, and constructed by Littlehampton Welding Ltd. The Hydraulic project and growth was done by Primary Fluid Power Ltd in the Northern West.

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The bridge contains of eight trilateral units hinged at the pathway level and linked above by two-part contacts that can be misshapen towards the level by hydraulic tubes, which are covered in perpendicular poles in the bridge ramparts. When protracted, it looks like a conservative steel and wooden bridge, and is 12 metres lengthy. To allow the way of boats, the hydraulic pistons are triggered and the bridge tresses up until its two ends joint, to form an octagonal form gauging one half of the channel’s width at that point.

The care and inaugural of the bridge is achieved by Merchant Square Estates and it is on each Friday at afternoon time. Next from the upkeep issues in 2008, the bridge has been refurbished and was completely working from April 2009. In 2005, the bridge gained the British Structural Steel Design Award.

Project of the Bridge

Modern use of the time “rolling bridge” dates from at least the Victorian era, and is used to define a type of telescopic drawbridge used to distance a channel or ditch nearby a protection. That kind of bridge is not hinged, and remains flat when it is bowled inside the entrances of a fort. Contemporary forms are called folding bridges or shove bridges. One specific form of the rolling bridge type was known as the Guthrie rolling bridge, examples of which may still be seen at Fort Nelson, Portsmouth. Assured kinds of bascule bridges roll on a curve.

Thomas Heatherwick in the year 2006 obtained the “British Designer of the Year” prize for his exceptional rolling bridge, which he shaped for walkers to cross portion of the Grand Union Canal, at the original commercial development in London’s Paddington Basin. Though the bridge has become known as a ‘rolling bridge’, an added precise explanation of its act is that it tresses – someone said “similar to a scorpions tail”.

Length of Bridge

The 12.9m lengthy bridge widths an 8.5m waterway bay and has eight sections hinged at the trail level. At apiece hinge point there are two tube-shaped butts, separately on each side of the path. Each barrel turns to wrinkle the rails so as to lodestone the units collected. The ended action significances in an octagonal wrinkled assembly

The Hydraulic System

An 11kW hydraulic pump energies a 400mm diameter main tube. This is automatically linked to fourteen 160mm width slave tubes or rolls each of which self-sufficiently drive the fourteen 100mm length bridge working cylinders at a continuous rate and volume. The hydraulic pumps and related gear are mounted on a postponed podium that is situated in the cellar of a nearby building, making the bridge spookily hushed in operation and subsequent in a subtle balance of art, mechanism and construction.

Meccano Perfect Expansion

It is significant that the curling act is continuous for each channel unit as opposite to the act of rolling a mat, or one of persons party toot things. The innovative, being hydraulically run by the system labelled above ensures that apiece section crinkles at the same rate, but this skill clearly does not give itself easily to a Meccano solution. This is not closely as sophisticated as the original, but should have been real in that it would sustenance the fairly high militaries involved during the early folding stage. The bridge units would need to be as bright as possible because the primary stage portable mechanism has to increase all but one of the units, rather like raising a hoist balk from the lower hinge point!

Geared Explanation

If a geared scheme could be completed to work it should safeguard the equivalent bony movement of each unit as required. So a long retro of growth ensued testing with mechanical energy preparations accomplished with enduring the load differences and frictional confrontation. An equally dense bolt jack, motivated with 16-tooth Bevel Gears showed to be a better, is more costly solution than making use of 25-tooth contrite Gears and reduced the interruption of the screw jack instrument into the path. The teeth of these bevel mechanisms were shortened at their external diameter to lodge them within the legs of the Thin Double Brackets.

A key to this was to drive two opposite 25-tooth contrate mechanisms from the 19-tooth input pin of each stage and pair the contrate gears to the bolt jack bevel gears with small Socket Couplings free consecutively on the pivot axle bar. These contraries the drive to each knave so that with right hand negotiated parts, both jacks extended composed, and removes the resistance associated with revolving the pivot pin rod.

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