Proper etiquette, it is the way you go.

London is a city with good manners and proper etiquette and you need to follow the same while you move around the city. If you follow them, you are going to have a good impact on others.

Acting as per the proper etiquette is a must in London. The city has pleasure-seeking nightclubs and planet of modern art occasions but you need to maintain the discipline and act as per the etiquette. For instance you need to keep the change ready as and when you swipe the oyster card or surely you are going to be in a trouble. Here we have mentioned a few guideline about how you can keep in mind and follow the etiquette. As you read the guidelines, you will come to know about how you can spend time in London. The guidelines will also tell you about where you can have a wonderful stay. There are many good hotels in London and also you may find some of the best London restaurants where you can enjoy the best Food and variety of drinks as well.

The area codes are very important aspect of the city of London. The city has divided north and south portion of the city and this division is as violent as the difference between working class of south and north part. People in London between the age group 18 to 35 who are related with the media line stay mostly in East London. They love the part of East London so much that just like the migratory birds they also migrate to the East every year. This part is very comfortable for stay. They are always in search of new territory before crêperies and coffee Buckingham shire.

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Personal Space is very important in London. They like to maintain their space and do not wish touching openly. All Londoners waste half of their available time thinking about conquest of their personal territory by someone else. But beer is a good solution for this. A few portions of this consumed at night can help to relax and enjoy for some time. This will also help to reduce the need to save space of someone. This technique shows the best results however you will find some of London people giving open invitation to others to be close with them without maintaining any kind of good manners.  They use different ways to invite others. This can sometimes be done at the most extreme level may be branded by endeavors to pole dance. London is a liberal city and it is perfectly aright for a woman to sit in a restaurant or pub all alone. Some playful lads may star at her or pass some comments or may also try to talk to her but they will never lose their standards. You should never take photos in a busy and crowded place or never stop someone and request to take your own snap. You should also keep in mind that you should not take snap s of a meal at restaurant, it is against the proper etiquette of the city. Do not worry, even if you do not take photos of melting ice cream and post it on social media sites, people are going to trust you that you were there. So juts stop taking the spas at the public places.

Table manners

These are very important while you are in London. Do you know why it is a must to hold the little finger up while you are having your tea? The reason behind this is previously the cups were having no handles and while you hold your finger it was easy to hold the cup.

The World of Work
Where there is a workplace, there is a space for humor. There is also space for some mischiefs and sarcasm. This will make the environment healthy and happy but you need to avoid personal sarcasm. There are also some events that take place at the offices and if you get an invitation from your senior or junior you need to accept the same as a part of proper etiquette. If you need to create a good impact then your dressing has to be fair enough. The attire should be formal like blazer, suit etc. Dressing should be decent and formal. Once the event is over it is tradition for the men to go to the nearby pub and enjoy.

Getting From place to place

In London it is custom to drive on the left side and you need to maintain the right speed while driving. You should not park on the right side or run the car with a high speed.  If you need more than 45 seconds to take a ticket or top up the oyster card then you will have to ace the big line. In London speed is most important and hence you need to swipe the card as soon as possible and you can overcome the obstacles that come in your way. Some of the Brits have a status for liking the big queues but this is not applicable for the platform of the tubes. As the rumble of the train awakes the passengers for arrival, they start to stand closer to yellow line so that they can get into fast. People stay near the doors waiting for the opening of doors. If you are ahead in the row then that honor will no longer remain at the time of door opening and everyone will rush ahead to get down. You need to keep in mind that you should use the golden words always like sorry, pardon and excuse me. If you want to ask someone about How to travel on the London Underground then you should use very polite language while asking and also some polite words like excuse me, thank you and please. This will defiantly make up your impression. So just maintain the proper etiquette and have a nice time.

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