Reach to the top destinations via these transportation options

A visit to London is a must to all type of European country visitors. London is known for its enormous range of transport services also. Both in private and public transportation services are available to make a comfortable journey at any places in or outside the city.

Transport of London controls a major share of public transport which includes buses, underground, tram link, dockland light railway, London over ground and river services. Some of the rail services are under National Rail and DfT. Here is a list of road connectivity available for major destinations.

London Underground or the Tube

Tube is major form of public transportation at London. It has an extensive range of 12 lines connecting all the parts of the city in a fastest way. It is the traffic free journey to reach the popular destinations without wasting the time. Last train leaves the starting point at 00:30 on weekdays and 22:30 on Sundays. All the train lines are being divided into four sideways north, south, east and west. The lines are named after the colours to distinguish from each other. Mostly central London is connected by Underground train services.

London buses

London buses are another main transport system in this capital city of Europe. Any point out of the reach by Tube can be reached by bus services. This is the cheap alternative to all other transport system which allows people to go further places from the city’s hotspot. Bus stops have sign posts mentioning the route.

National rail

People going south of River Thames must acquire the service of national rail which is the best around that part of the city. National rail is completely connected with the Tube stations to help people reach their destinations.

Light rail and tram links

As the extensions of London’s Underground network, Light railway and tram links were introduced. There are popular destinations on east London which can be reached easily by this Dockland Light Railway service. DLR is connected with other train services to reach Canary Wharf, Greenwich also.

The tramlink is available in three routes of south London. The routes are Wimbledon to New Addington via Croydon, Croydon to Beckenham Junction and Croydon to Elmers.

River services

River Thames is offering a wide number of routes to offer fast commuter service. The service is available from Masthouse Terrace Pier, Putney and Chelsea Harbour to Embankment and Blackfriars. It is available during peak season only. These routes crosses a number of attractions of London. The growing demand has introduced luxury leisure cruises on the heart of the river with all the modern amenities.

Private taxis

Private taxis are available for those who wants to avoid the public transports. It is costly than other type of transport services.

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