Reasons for choosing London Black Cabs

London has among the largest footfall of tourists every year. This heritage city has its share of attractions for academicians, businessmen, professionals, sports lovers, and art connoisseurs. Heathrow, Gatwick, and London City airports remain busy with passengers arriving and departing around the clock. Once in London there are multiple ways of commuting: metro, public bus, rented cars, and cabs. Cab service in London has a history of more than 300 years. It is highly organized and every cab is maintained in top order.

A 300-year old tradition

While visiting this city you should never miss riding the London Black Cabs. In keeping with the name the fleet is entirely black and even consists of vintage models. As per local law, these cabs make up the only transportation system that could be hailed on the streets. These vehicles could be lined up in cabstands and drive in bus lanes. Fare is calculated by taxi meter fitted inside the vehicles. These privileges are not enjoyed by other cabs plying on London’s streets.  A strict vigil is kept on the condition of these cabs. Carriage Office Inspectors could carry out a surprise check on these cabs and fine those drivers whose vehicles are not in proper order.

Respect for traffic

All cars belonging to this fleet having a turning radius of 25-feet which is sufficient to take U-turns in the city’s main streets. Movement of motor vehicles should not get obstructed by taxis belonging to this fleet. This is regulation to be met by every cab belonging to London Black Cabs.

Disciplined and friendly drivers

Drivers of this fleet of cabs must maintain the highest level of discipline and decorum. They are not only highly trained but knowledgeable. The objective of having such drivers is that they could guide you while commuting through the streets of London. This capital city is historic and has landmark buildings scattered throughout. Only a person or guide having thorough knowledge about the city and its past could narrate while driving past heritage buildings or historic monuments that are abundant in this city.

Knowledgeable drivers

To qualify as a Black Cab driver, applicants must pass ‘The Knowledge’ test. This is a rigorous test requiring three years to complete. Any candidate willing to pass this test must memorize the names of all streets in London city, which amounts to around 25,000. Aspirants are required to move around in mopeds through all streets till they are learnt by heart. A qualified Black Cab driver would know every single street by its name and location. A series of examinations are taken where aspirants are asked to recite routes for any two specific London locations. To test a candidate’s knowledge the locations become more obscure as you proceed. ‘Knowledge’ is globally one of the toughest tests for drivers.

The best recognition

According to records, about a quarter to one-third of total aspirants appearing for this test qualifies as Black Cab drivers. London Transportation Department awards the successful candidates with a Green Badge and a Black Cab driver license. This badge is a highly prestigious honour for a driver to acquire. Black Cab drivers are proud of their profession and there are several families in London where they have been in this profession for generations.

A knowledgeable guide

If you hire a London Black Cab you would reach your destination safely. You just need to tell the street you would like to go to. The amiable driver would guide you through London’s roads and relate the history of significant buildings and landmarks that you come across while travelling towards your destination. These friendly drivers love to share interesting stories about London and its history. As you pass by a monument or a heritage building the driver would only be too willing to relate incidents associated with it.

A London Black Cab driver is not only an expert about the city’s history but also an expert guide. In case you are on your first visit to this city, the driver would be only too eager to advice you on the ‘dos and don’ts’ of this marvellous capital. Your ride from the airport to hotel or from railway station to friend’s place would be complete with information and anecdotes. Once you have ridden a Black Cab you would never like to try any other mode of conveyance.

On the streets of London you would notice small green huts. These are Cabmen’s Shelters dating back over one hundred years. These shelters were built for cab drivers to have food, take rest, and meet friends. These shelters are still maintained and used by cab drivers.

Staying in London

Whenever you visit London ask your Black Cab driver to take you to Park Grand London Kensington for your staying. The traditional warm hospitality of London is unmistakable in this luxury hotel. You enjoy the indulgence of a prince in these luxury hotels. These hotels not only take care of your accommodation and boarding but also your secretarial needs in case you are on a business trip.

Rooms are well appointed with all facilities of a luxurious accommodation. Guest rooms are Internet accessible and are Wi-Fi enabled. These temperature controlled rooms are endowed with refrigerators and mini-bar, satellite channel flat screen LED television, electronic safe, direct dialling telephone, tea/coffee maker, writing desk and chair, centre table and sofa, and alarm clock. En-suite bathrooms with round the clock hot and cold water are provided with complimentary toiletries, bathrobe and slippers, and hair drier.

Luxury romantic  hotels in London take care of your gastronomic demands to the fullest. Together with restaurants serving international and local recipes, there are bars and 24-hour coffee shop. It is possible to arrange banquets or parties for large number of invitees.

These London hotels are provided with conference halls equipped with latest audio-visual and presentation facilities. Fully endowed business centre takes care of your secretarial demands. A travel desk is at your service to take care of your ticketing, foreign exchange, and car rental services. You could demand for London Black Cab at this desk.

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