Right Ways to Get Business Travellers to London Hotels

London is one of the capital cities which allure tourists every now and then. No matter whether you are leisure or a business traveller the city welcomes you with open arms and provides you all sorts of facilities and amenities required. London as we all know is a prime business hub of Europe. Since it is one of the most developed countries every year plenty of people come here for business and work. No doubt it is a little tough to attract business travellers in comparison to the holiday tourists, however if planning to visit London for business then you should not worry about this.

As we all know that today tech savvy visitors have access to great options and facilities. Now the question that is to be asked is that why a business visitor will choose your hotel? The answer to the question is simple; he will choose a hotel that will provide him all the major facilities that a person on a business trip would need. A few extra perks for your business travellers can say it all.  Mentioned below are few extras which if there can really simplify things for a person visiting for business needs:

Well Optimized Website
By a well optimized website we mean that the search and the booking process of a hotel should be extremely simple. If the booking process is a little complicated on a website then it is an unwanted hassle especially for those who are planning to come for work. For them things are to be quick and simple enough which saves them time. In short the online booking process has to be extremely smooth.

Pre-arrival Tips & Transportation
If we talk about pre-arrival tips then the hotel must provide shuttle services and transport during their stay. Airport pick-up and drop services are quite important for business guests as it avoids their long waiting hours for taxis. Also the hotel should make arrangements for a business guest travelling to nearby office location. A hassle free welcome is always preferred by any traveller especially if coming for business purposes.

Flexible Check-in and Check-outs
It is a common scenario especially with a corporate visitor that the flight lands late in the evening or leaves early morning. Business travellers are in a rush all the time due to their hectic schedules. A hotel must make sure the check-in and check-out processes to be carried out swiftly. Also they must give flexibility of check-in late and check-out early and vice versa.

The Lancaster gate hotel London serves all kinds of tourists coming in by serving them with the best of comfort and facilities.

Well-Equipped Business Spaces
If travelling from a business perspective it is really important that the hotel should provide well equipped meeting rooms and conference areas. The meeting hall should be well equipped with facilities like printer, flat screen TV, microphones, LCD projectors etc so that the business discussions can happen smoothly. One of the most important facilities for a business user is free and speedy Wi-Fi connections. Internet connectivity is of prime importance for any business guest so that they can plan their meetings, schedule their appointments and browse emails. Also if possible hoteliers can even provide gadgets on rent if any business personnel require that.

In-Room Conveniences
When we talk about in room conveniences for work we are probably talking about a proper working space in a room. The hotel rooms should be equipped with proper chairs, lightning, desks, and speedy internet connectivity and last but not the least easy access to all power outlets to charge the gadgets etc. Other in room conveniences for a business traveller would be a hair dryer, a coffee machine and full length mirrors.

Check out Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel for all these facilities and conveniences.

Loyalty Programs
Who does not prefer and like extra perks if given? If you are on a leisure trip then no matter whether you get these or not, however a business tourist and companies enjoy loyalty programs such as free night offers and discounted stays. Other extra benefits may include free transportation, discounted spa services and complimentary beverages etc. Such loyalty programs not only allure corporate travellers, but they even give a chance to these hotels to improve on their services and quality especially for business clients.

It is yet another important factor which hotels should consider in order to attract business tourists. Because business travellers are always in a rush it is of prime importance to give them healthy meal options, onsite dining opportunities and healthy snacks. When it comes to fitness consider tying up with a gym nearby to offer guests with complimentary passes. Also if possible they should be getting spa services at discounted prices. A special corporate de-stress package should be there which they can avail while they are staying with you.

It is not possible for every hotel to implement each and every idea; however they should try and implement the max they can and should focus on convenience, efficiency and technology.

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