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London is the base where the Queen resides her Majesty lives in the Buckingham Palace and all around the world it is this city that has earned a name for the fascinating lineage of monarchy, it is the same place where you find people mad about their queen they just adore her. My friends from the east who had been staying at the Park Grand hotel Paddington had been quite interested in the living lineage and this had led them to plan a vacation in the  London city and they thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

The tour that has been organised by the sponsors takes care of the fact that you get to be quite closely watching the Palace from inside and therefore there is a provision of special entry into the Palace and along with that you are also entitled to visit the huge church that is the St. Paul’s church a cathedral that has stood to the test of times. To make it more surreal the package does not end here it is a tour of this capital city during these morning hours which anyone would love to do.

As you board the bus the tour starts with you being taken to all the A-listed places in the city one after the other you will ride the bus and visit those. The other good part about this whole affair is the fact that you get to stop by these places and take a photo so in case you feel you cannot hop off the bus then you are highly mistaken. On the bus you have an availability of Wifi feature and you can get hooked to it so basically you can share your pictures instantly without a time delay. This tour is guided there is a live commentator who would help you recognize the places  and he/she will help you to understand the historical significance as well, my friends who were not so well versed in English had the great opportunity of listening to these commentaries in their own language as that is a facility being provided too and the most memorable photo stop was outside the Westminster Abbey where they kind of took pictures in different poses and enjoyed a lot.

The next stop is St Paul’s cathedral a significant place from historical point of view and the church has galleries of paintings from some of the famous and well-known artists of yester years. As you look up and try admiring the mammoth architectural piece the dome is one of the most striking parts of this church and has been a masterpiece in other words. A three hundred year old Cathedral which has took the tests of time and seen London through its glorious to not so glorious past and along with that it is a a large repository of the magnanimous religious history which is ready to be shared with the World. At the lower basement there is a tomb which is said to be  Lord Nelson’s wherein it is quiet and peaceful on the other hand as you visit the Golden gallery you can see paintings coming back to life some of the masterpieces from famous painters hang those walls and adorn those galleries, on Sundays there are no guides as there is a Sunday mass that is happening in there and therefore you might want to explore the place on your own.

After you have had your visit to the church it is time to be the part of this wonderful event called the Changing of Guard which takes place at the Buckingham Palace. A ceremony that has been going on for ages and people flock around the Buckingham palace to witness this event. Queen’s soldiers on foot try to match up with the military band and all this happens as the band plays the music this ceremony has been like a ritual started during the sixteenth century period. What is the most striking part of this event is the red attire donned by the guards which not only looks royal and lavish they go for this ceremony with all the pomp and show in a lavish British way something worth watching. This is a ceremony does not happen throughout the year but in case it is one of those days when you do not get to see in all probability we visit the Horse guard’s Parade and that is what happened when my friends who were at hotels near Paddington station  missed this whole event .

The most special part of the tour is an entry into the Royal palace as you are made to go through the gates the curiosity is building you do not know what is inside but as soon as eyes meet reality it is grandeur and exquisite. The sponsors have made it available as a piece of audio recording so that you do not get lost and each and every intricate details is being covered while you view them with your own eyes as you pass through this state of art rooms you can see those lovely places where the Queen with her lineage spend hours during any celebrations as the walls are adorned by some real beautiful paintings you can see the rich taste they exuberate. You also get to view the history of this Royal lineage and can spend hours here to what this palace has in store for you. Because this special entry is timed and escorted and you can check every piece of furniture lying there. What has been protected for ages comes to life and you are thrilled to be a part to it its very intimidating but at the same time this is all what you have ever wanted to know about this place.

As you walk back to the bus you can feel the special connection which the Londoners have for their queen the majestic sights will envelope you and you will leave the place witth some special memories.

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