Safety First – Get Your Cycling Etiquette Right in London

Cycling is a great way to get to know a city. As a matter of fact, a few progressive capitals across the world have created

There are various kinds of cycle lanes in London. The first of the various types of cycle lanes is the mandatory cycle lanes. These lanes are distinct from the others as they are marked or depicted with a continuous white line. This is meant to signify that drivers are by no means to drive, park or wait in this type of lane during the hours of its operation.

The second sort of cycle lane in the city is an advisory cycle lane. This is the kind of lane which a person who is driving a car should not enter unless doing so is really unavoidable. A person who is either cycling or driving on the streets of London can identify this sort of lane by the broken white line which it is marked with.

Cycle in London
The third sort of lane is the contra flow cycle lane, which is marked by the same markings a mandatory cycle lane is. What is special about this sort of lane is that, just as its name suggests, it allows cyclists to travel against the traffic, specifically on roads which are otherwise designated to be one way roads for the purpose of other forms of road transport.

The final variety of cycle lane in London happens to be a shared bus and cycle lane. Again, as the name suggests, cyclists are allowed to make use of the lane which is otherwise to be used by the buses. Unless it is so mentioned on a sign board, motorists are not to use this kind of lane.

Even if a person is planning to make a trip to London and is of the intention to discover the lovely city that it is by making use of a cycle, be it a boris bike or a more elaborate cycle, he or she would probably be of the need of an Executive Rooms in London. If this is the case, he or she should surely take into account the prospect of booking a room of this type at a hotel such as the Park Grand Paddington Court London hotel which is the kind of hotel most of the people who pay a visit to the capital each year tend to like.

Taking into account the hundreds of thousands of cars which run on the roads of London on a daily basis, it is of the highest importance to keep some safety precautions and measures in mind when a person wishes to go around the city by cycle, the most health and environmentally friendly thing to do.

On lanes which are quite narrow, so much so that other cars may not pass by with an adequate margin of error, it is prudent to keep to the centre of the lane; though this may be to the chagrin to the driver who is in a rush! While going on a ride, wearing bright clothes is important as this makes sure that the cyclist is in contrast with, usually, the surrounding and thus easy to see. Post dusk, reflective clothing must be made use of.

Some things which really must not be done include talking on one’s phone while cycling and breaking a light, a violation which can attract a fifty pound fine. The same amount is charged to cyclists who are found to be not be using cycle lights after darkness sets in. A white light is required in front and a red one at the rear.
In order to avert or at least mitigate one of the ill effects of an accident, it is well warranted to wear a helmet, from the point of view of personal safety, which, obviously, is not to be taken lightly.

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