Savour the flavour of a Tequila Sunrise in London

If you enjoy your cocktails you will feel right at home in London. It is a connoisseur’s delight, a veritable cocktail paradise, where you can enjoy the classics as well as the best innovative new concoctions served up in bars and cocktail joints across London. The secret lies in the large number of cocktail specialists who have made London their base.

Cocktail making is no longer an art form, but rather a blend of science and art, as is seen in the cutting edge cocktails created by expert mixologists here. While in London, a fabulous place to enjoy a variety of cocktails is the Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel. It is located in the upscale neighbourhood of Hyde Park. Plonk down in its comfortable seats surrounded by chic decor in its Edwardain Theatre Bar and you can enjoy an assortment of drinks. One of the best to try is their version of the Tequila Sunrise served with a twist, which is simply divine. You can bet, you will down more than you planned!

Speaking of the Tequila Sunrise, it had received some unflattering reviews in earlier times, when it was described as a sticky sickeningly sweet concoction. Well that was more due to the grenadine that was added to it. As you will notice when you savour your drink at the Edwardian bar it is fantastically different with the right kick and perfect blend of ingredients. This is because of the expertise of the cocktail expert at the hotel. He ensures to use only the finest of fresh ingredients all of which are sourced locally.  With no addition of artificial sweeteners of chemicals, it offers a rich pomegranate flavour that emanates from the drink. Just the perfect Tequilas Sunrise as it should be!


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