Shopping for Clothes in London

You simply cannot do this to yourself when in London! Once you have hit the streets of London, you are very much within an ace of bumping into a shopping incident. After all London’s shopping is internationally applauded and eulogised for its big brands. Even after you have exhausted an entire day on shopping at hundreds of stores in London, there will always be a wonder market appealing to your eyes. You cannot help your stomach for shopping in London’s mammoth market scene, especially the clothes market.

Ladies, buck up, you have a got a basket of goodies with such a large number of shopping stores at your disposal. The clothes markets in London pull you towards them like iron fillings drawn towards a magnet. You put up anywhere in London, be it Hotels near Paddington Station or any other place, you will have always a wonderful clothes market just a couple of minutes away. With a wide array of places like cafes, bars, and pubs, your mantra should be: shop, eat, shop and don’t stop. Do not forget you are in London and it will always be on fire.

Following are famous clothes markets of London.
Cabbages and Frocks Market
The moment you enter this fabulous local market, you will most certainly be on the fence with the eclectic mix of items at your disposal. Cabbages and Frocks has honed its skills for pleasing different strokes for different folks since 2006. Ladies have actually up the ante to lose their marbles in the collection of this chic market. So do explore the crazy bunch of fashions, food stalls, accessories, and homeware. The market is most noted for amazing creations of cashmere dip and dyed scarves made by famous Tina Sparkle. You can also bump into Gabriela Rose’s tweed and lovely silk jackets, Ana Verdun’s intricately pretty jewelleries, and also skincare products of Ruby Red that are sold in Selfridges.

Your taste buds will give you ovations for carrying back home a box of macaroons of Wharf Riad Bakery and Tenzin’s Tibetan dumpling. So you cannot afford to miss the food side of this market. Located in Marylebone, the market opens at St Marylebone Parish Church, every Saturday.

Petticoat Lane Market
The market has got its name from a fable that “they would steal your petticoat at one end of the market and sell it back to you at the other.”  This market is known for cheap shopping of household goods, clothes, and accessories. The market is perched on the Petticoat Lane since 1750s, but tourists will not be able to find its present name on the maps of London anymore. The major chunk of the market operates in the area of Tower Hamlets with Middlesex Street in London.

Greenwich Market
The Greenwich Market is a hive of activity for over thirty years in London. This weekend market is a crazy collection equal to the ostentation of peacocks and specialises in antiques, retro, contemporary craft stalls, vintage, and amazing clothes. This quirky market has merchandise that goes back to some three centuries and therefore is a wonderful place to browse pieces of history.

You will always find gaggles of women meandering in this market which is packed with old and new jewellery, antique furniture, vintage clothing, books, records as well as other kinds of collectibles.

You will be amazed to find logo T-shirts, leather bags, art canvasses under the covered arcade of this market. Hundreds of international tourists flock around the myriad stalls of arts, craft, and food. The market operates from Tuesday to Sunday but the purveyors of antiques and collectibles are seen on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  You would love to unearth gems of this place through its fine selection of stalls showcasing old books, antique jewellery, lamps, vintage clothes, 1950s and 1960s ceramics and much more.

Camden Market
Camden Markets are a large bunch of big of retail markets in the Camden Town and they are often called as Camden Lock. The world famous Camden Market is the fourth most popular attraction of visitors in London. The market is famous for shopping T-shirts and accessories. Camden Market exudes colours and traces of high street culture. Large number of tourists, locals and even celebrities that meander across the Goths and punks, throng the vast and diverse selection of shops.

The Market encompasses a huge collection of antiques, chandeliers, crafty goods, vintage clothes, retro glasses, furniture, antiques, second-hand books and bric-a-brac. The Camden Market’s collection and the hangout subculture have riveted millions of tourists from all around the world to this place.

You will always find crowds craving for lava lamps, fashion, music, skull rings, interiors and vintage. The place is known for its jam-packed streets with hundreds of visitors. Though weekends are clumsy and full of commotion, weekdays are better for variety and you also find it less crowded.

Camden Lock
Camden Lock is situated in the heart of Camden market and is one of the thriving areas in London.  The shops of this market are open throughout the week and sell anything to everything.  The stalls of the market exhibit clothing, artwork, gifts, hand-made jewellery, music and more. You will also find numerous food stalls serving large variety of cuisines. A small local foodstuff market has also been operating in the Inverness Street since the beginning of 20th century.

Covent Garden
The Covent Garden is a cluster of hip fashion, unique gifts, rare sweets and jewellery. All in all Covent Garden is a great place to go about shopping clothes. The market makes up one of the best shopping hubs of London encompassing branded clothes, cosmetics and shoes of Neal Street, creative arts, and crafts.  After your crazy band of men and women is done with caressing their shopping streaks, take time off to explore Floral Street, Monmouth Street, St Martin’s Courtyard, Shorts Gardens, Yorke Street, seven dials etc. Hotels such as The Park Grand London Paddington are situated at a distance that it will not take more than 20 minutes to reach the garden.

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