Short Guide for Saudi Arabian Expats Travelling to London

London is the capital city meant for all tourists. It is a place that has something in store for everyone. Each year lots of tourists come here for a restful holiday or for some business reasons. Saudi Arabians also spend some great time in London with their family and friends. The capital city is a tourist friendly city by all means and it supports and respects the culture and religion of all. Many international travellers could be seen flocking around the local markets every now and then.

Saudi Arabian expats are frequent travellers to London. The article talks about what all can be helpful for them including the location of their embassy, accommodation options and what all sightseeing options they can explore close to their embassy. As far as the location goes the embassy of Saudi Arabia in the capital city is ideally located at the well known Mayfair area. It is quite convenient to travel to the embassy via Green Park, Hyde Park Corner and Bond Street tube stations.

Though, London tube is a bit pushy during rush hours, but is the most convenient way to travel within the city. From any of these stations one can conveniently reach to the embassy.

Alternative Embassies:
Do you want to know some alternative embassies near to the Saudi Arabia embassy? Of course there are many other similar diplomatic missions in the UK other than Saudi Arabia. Close to this one are the Bahamas Embassy, Qatar and Myanmar Embassies.  These all are located within walking distances from Saudi Arabia embassy.

From a tourist point of view the nearby Hotel Park Grand London Hyde Park is the best suited. The hotel offers the best of all luxuries and comfort. London is a city that is always brimming with loads of entertainment and fun. Everyone can experience this place as being a fabulous one. From great entertainment to various sights and attractions there is a lot that people can do close to the Saudi Arabia embassy in London.

Entertainment near Saudi Arabia Embassy:
Since we are talking about entertainment mentioned below are some entertainment choices that the expats coming to the city can choose:

Curzon Mayfair
Just stone’s throw away from the embassy it is this most attractive cinemas in London. It boasts of showing art house films. The cinema is ideally nestled in a Grade II listed building and offers you the pleasure of watching a film on one of the largest screens in London. Moreover, the Curzon Mayfair was the first cinema ever to import and show foreign language films. As far as distance is concerned the cinema is just a minute away from the Saudi Arabia embassy.

Sights and Attractions near the Embassy
London is well known for the classy and splendid architecture that it posses. Visitors come here to admire the breathtaking attractions including the very famous Big Ben, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and many more. Those staying close to the embassy shall not feel deprived of important sightseeing. Close to the embassy there lies plenty of attractions that are worth watching.

From the best of museums to galleries expats from Saudi Arabia can enjoy watching:

Royal Institution of Great Britain
The Royal Institution is the most famous science institution in Britain. It is ideally known for their televised Christmas lecture which is held annually. The institution is established since 200 years ago now and there are 14 residents of the Royal institution who have won the Nobel Prize. This is a landmark in London which is located just 5 minutes away from the embassy of Saudi Arabia. Lots of regular events are being hosted which is open to public. It includes lectures from renowned scientists.

Mallett Ely House
It is one of the oldest recognized antique dealers in the world and was founded in the year 1865.  They were known for their highest quality standards of works of art and furniture. The Mallett house includes clocks, pictures and lots of supreme quality objects. To private collectors and to some of the famous museums in London this house has been supplying important antiques. V&A museum and Museum of London are the two well known bodies to which the house has been sourcing antiques.

Shopping near Saudi Arabia Embassy
No matter from where you have come, shopping is an integral part in everyone’s itinerary. Close to the embassy there are some of the best shops and markets from where you can purchase the best of stuff.

Heywood Hill
Just a minute away from the embassy it is a place to reach for some old and new antiquarian books. The store specializes in biography, travel, architecture, literature and history. It was founded seventy years ago and he himself along with his wife used to run the store.

Simon Carter Mayfair
It was founded by Simon Carter himself and is a menswear retailer. The store specializes in all kinds of accessories for men including cufflinks, jewellery, luggage and watches etc.

It is quite convenient for a Saudi Arabian expat to stay in London with all facilities at their disposal.

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