Significant Role Played By London Airport For Its Visitors And Londoners

Though London is a premier tourist destination but it is not the biggest city of the world. However, the surprising fact is that, this capital city’s three main airports handle and manage a large number of visitors each year which is truly amazing. You already know that the international airport act as hub between major continent like America, Europe and Asia. On the other hand, tow of the biggest airports in London can handle over 72 million of people each year and the number is still growing.

Now, if you have ever taken a flight to UK, then no wonder you have been to one of the airports in London. However, you might be unknown to the fact that why, you have been to the particular London airport for that matter. There may be several questions wondering in your mind like the reason London having so many airports and why each one of them is unique. Moreover, you will also be interested to know the budget friendly international flights you can board from there and which one of them is the best and most importantly why.

Here you get answers to all those questions lingering in your mind so that you gather the required information about the airports in London and how they play a significant role in acting out as a international hub for managing tourists from all over the world. Another fascinating fact about this city is there are hosts of hotels here and most of them are exclusive like Montcalm hotel London or 5 star hotels near bayswater road.

Heathrow Airport
Wondering which the 3rd busiest airport in the world is after Atlanta and Beijing Capital, it is none other than, LHR or London Heathrow. At the same time, it is also the world’s busiest international airport by far that handles about 5.2 million people. And to add to its proper managerial functions, Heathrow has 2 runways and the 3rd one is in making. And thus, high chances are there to pass through Heathrow Airport when you are flying for long haul.

Now the question arises, that why in Heathrow and not in any other London airport? The reason is most of the flagship flight carriers will fly into Heathrow including BMI, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Moreover, airlines which are a part of Star Alliance will always fly from Terminal 1 of this airport whereas the British Airways have exclusively reserved the new Terminal 5 for its flight.

As this airport manages a large volume of people every day and also there are renovations being carried on every now and then, Heathrow Airport is considered as the worst. In reality it is a highly efficient airport but, if anything goes wrong here, a large number of people are affected. Besides, it is also one of the best connected airports of the city. There are underground tube services available from each terminal and also a fast express train is available to Paddington.

Gatwick Airport
Guess who is regarded as the little brother of Heathrow Airport? It is none other than, Gatwick Airport, located about 28 miles away from central London. This airport is quite unusual as it is surrounded by little villages and farmlands and sometimes considered as less accessible of the two but that does not mean that it is any quieter. It is the second busiest airport in UK and has the record of handling about 31 million passengers every year.

Even its one single runway boasts the title of single busiest runway of the world. Thus, you can imagine how important this airport is and its unusual surrounding has not yet affected its efficiency and productivity in handling such a sheer amount of passengers.

Gatwick is more of a point to point flights airport rather than an international one as limited flights are there from Asia and USA here. And the point to point flights are all primarily in Europe. Gatwick also boasts of many budget airlines and package holidays including, Thomas Cook, EasyJet and Monarch. Gatwick has the uncommon combination of budget airlines and long haul thus, making it popular ones amongst the tourists and passengers as well.

Two of Gatwick’s terminals are known as South and North and there is a monorail which links the two of them. As the size of this airport is much smaller than Heathrow so getting around is way easier here. Most of the airports in London are old so renovation is a common thing. In case, you live in South England, Gatwick is an easily accessible airport and the scene changes dramatically if you are not a resident of South England.  The driving through M25 airport is the most time consuming experience as it is notoriously slow.

Luton Airport
London has many airports up its sleeve but, if you are looking for a budget flight, Luton is the airport that you will land up in. One of the best and successful airlines, EasyJet is based on this airport and there are a sheer volume of flights you will get here every day to other parts of Europe. The garnish orange building is difficult to miss out and when you are taking off or landing, you can also get to see their logo painted on roof.  Located just, 35 miles outside of central London, Luton airport serve people from midlands, rather than just bound traffic in London.

Airports in London is as important as the city itself and gathering knowledge about them will help you navigate through different situations while you are in London or is taking a flight from any one of the airports. However, one thing you can be sure of, that you will have a pleasant and comfortable flight in anyone of the London airports and as there are many budget friendly flights as well, it will also ensure that you are able to save a few bucks while travelling too. Whether it is Gatwick or Heathrow or Luton, arriving and departing from this city is going to be an experience that you will never forget.

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