Silicon hub in the city of London

The technology hub in the city has been founded during the year two thousand and the conceptualisation behind this blueprint was the fact that the leaders wanted to see London as the technology hub for start-up ventures and where the entrepreneurs could carve niche for themselves. As we look up to the states there is a similar highly successful model in the state of California and now in London there is exact replica running on the similar lines. Shoreditch in London rea is one of the most popular among the business circles as it is the haven to many multinational companies. The place is buzzing with the next generation start-ups finding a place amongst the biggies and there are plenty of fortune five hundred organisations who have made London as one of their bases and they have now made London as their home bases. It is even less than twenty years and Shoreditch in London has earned a name for itself as it welcomes and embraces companies from all parts of the world it is no less than the Silicon Valley in the California and is one of the most happening places to be around in London city.

So in case you are planning to be around London it is one of the places where you can put up at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel and once you are in the vicinity you can be there and surely love the place as there is so much to do around the place. As you take your time exploring this part of the city you will be amazed to know that the connectivity to rest of the London absolutely awesome be it by train or by bus or by  tube you are almost connected to any place and this can make you feel more at ease.

As you plan to discover this area on the map you should look for it between the city and closer to the old street station where the railways are plying not on the road but quite off the city road it is at the cusp. While you find your way to the nearest public transportation the place can be easily reached by the underground station and is quite old and very well networked. My friend’s had the privilege to hire a car for themselves from the hotels in Shoreditch which was quite easy to park around in the city as the place has a good parking space for people who want to drive around in their cars.

The place is buzzing with innumerable activities if you are in the midst of action then you will find at some point of the week they have planned for one interesting event after another it could be a musical concert where your favourite band is playing with the best orchestra or there is a peaceful gallery where you can find your own peace time gazing at the beautifully painted artist’s collection. In case you are not an art aficionado then may be the play which has hit the screens can turn your interest and you find yourself walking to the ticket counter to buy tickets for yourself . There are a number of movie theatres and this even may be your last option of how to keep yourself busy but the theatres can be a head turner while you enjoy the three hour screening it can be a good way to pamper yourself. There are a couple of upcoming events where you can plan your vacation and may be it coincides with your dates during the month of September there is this festival of Angel Canal which will be organised at the Islington are on the city road basin. If you have a love for classical dance forms then during the month of September there is the English Ballet show at the Sadler’s theatre you may not have expected this dance form to be showcased in this modern city but that is the beauty of London you can probably go ahead and enjoy watching this truly English.

Although there is a lot many things to see in Shoreditch area but if you stroll across to the nearby Islington or hop on the tube in order to self-explore the city then there is a lot to see around and plenty of activities that can keep you busy throughout the day. There is the Geffrye museum not the usual humdrum is witnessed here but you can probably explore the place at your own pace wherein there are houses which model the way people used to build their habitat from one century to the next you can see the way the housing patterns have evolved in these times. The perfect place to lounge back and that too in this buzzing place this is one of those spots that can make you feel calm relaxed and you can probably pick a book to yourself and enjoy a laid back morning at the Hoxton square. The place has become centric to art lovers and thus the serenity attached to this place speaks volumes to you there is plenty of live music and bars or pubs lined up in this area for you to casually take a stroll and enjoy a drink when you want to quench your thirst and also grab a bite as it serves you fairly good food at an affordable price. The Hackney city farm is another interesting juncture both for the adults as well as the kids as the place is full of educational tour in and around the farm lands where you are made to learn about the poultry cattle and go for an experiential tour while you feel you are just for a visit instead you are gaining a lot of knowledge. You have a number of activities from renting a room inside to see and observe and then there are pottery making classes in case you love to be around these animals it is best to take up a volunteering hourly session to be around the farms.

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