Sleeping Over on the Coca Cola London Eye – A Dream Come True

Are you thinking this is some sort of a gimmick? A marketing strategy by some travel sites? Then come to the Coca Cola London Eye on May 17th and take a look at the first guest who is going to spend the night in one of the cubicles of the London Eye, exclusively decorated by Wayfair. The designing of the capsule is done impeccably in the looks of a designer room in a leading boutique hotel. The furniture and the décor makes the capsule a suitable place to spend a night, if you have the ultimate in plush living on your mind.

The rental services of this exotic holiday idea at the top of the world have been provided by a leading London trip organising company. May 17th is the date to look out for when the first guest will climb the home and enjoy an exclusive holiday with the choicest of amenities.

The Rooftop Home With The Most Wonderful View
While visiting London, while looking for hotels deal in London, you can also enquire about this brilliant new idea of sky – top sleepover at Coca Cola London Eye. The idea is to decorate a capsule of the giant wheel in the most elegant way by Wayfair within a night’s time. The furnishings and decorations are some of the finest and can make your dreams come true. The rooftop garden with facilities of sleepover and a magnificent and panoramic view of the 360 degrees around you, can be a once – in – a lifetime experience.

Sources say that the inspiration of this luxurious living for a night has been drawn from a five – star retreat in the rain forest. On the beautiful sky – top retreat on the London Eye, you will be able to spend time with an absolute intimacy with Mother Nature, and also enjoy the ultimate in plush living. You will be surrounded by the natural touch of the giant forest foliage and other natural elements. Then there will be a wonderfully embellished bed, covered in the best of lavish bedspreads and furnishings. The boutique touch of luxurious living, literally under the stars and the endless sky, will take you to the dreamlands of the fairy tales.

The view from this rooftop garden is awesome. The city of London in itself is an icon for the world to gaze at it and lose itself. And having a bird’s eye view of the city from such a glamorous site, is something that just can’t be missed.

How Exclusively is the London Eye Capsule Decorated
Wayfair, who has taken up the responsibility of making the capsule up, does so with finesse. The company provides the best solutions to home – building by doing the interior of your place, taking it to a new high. You may also turn your home into a lively place, looking at which people will at once fall in love. Creating this very first – of – its – kind home on top of the London Eye has set its services apart as far as interior decoration is concerned. There has been created an ambience, a natural peaceful atmosphere, together with classy urban living. The location of such a beautiful sleepover space on the sky has made it even more special. The greenery of the decoration of the capsule, mingled with the blue of the sky creates a magic that is a new idea anywhere in the world.

Finding this piece of serenity in the hustle and bustle of London’s busy life, is really like winning a million dollar lottery. The winners are really the lucky ones, who can have the bliss of the paradise for a night.

How Special The Experience Can be
The London Eye has always been one of the most sought after tourist spots in London. Now it is going to have a new meaning when the lucky couple will step into the pod made specially for you. The container that is covered with glass, will be surrounded with green foliage on all sides, so that the people staying inside, will have no problem in enjoying their privacy and having a gala time.

The details of the decorations that are to be provided in the pod are yet to be released and are kept under wraps for the great surprise factor. The couple that is to stay in the coupe, will be handed over the facility at 5.30 pm, supposedly among a huge attentive crowd as the London Eye remains open till 6pm. After 6pm, the boudoir in the air will be set right at the top of the giant wheel, precisely at a height of 443 feet. They will be served dinner at their quarter along with a bottle of champagne. If they need to come down, for using the toilet or taking a walk, there will be attendants waiting on them throughout the night.

Being located very close to Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London, the London Eye is a popular paid tourist spot in London. Along with winning this magical sleepover, there are other great packages that are there to be won, in an endeavour to promote tourism in this city. The competitions are held by many leading agencies with an aim to introduce tourists to unforgettable travel experiences.

The sky – top paradise is not yet available to the ordinary tourists to London. But, who knows, that may be the latest craze to visit London in the very near future. The sleepover destination will then attract millions of tourists and couples, who are always on the lookout of exotic locales and activities. The aerial boudoir can be an adventure that you have not experienced earlier. The fancy once – in a – lifetime offer is now available as a gift to two lucky winners at contest by a leading tourist agency.

Once this idea gets popular and is opened to public on a commercial level, you can well imagine the type of hype it will create. London will have a new attraction, and a very special one in that too.

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