Some of London’s more unique cinemas

While Hollywood may rule the roost as far as the movie business goes, London is definitely second to none! The city can be rightfully described as the entertainment capital of Europe. It is home to the famous West End and also plays host to numerous movie screenings and events all through the year. If you are a cinema lover then London is the destination to spend your next holiday!

In terms of accommodation there are plenty of luxury boutique hotels in London to choose from.  It is always a good idea to stay at a hotel in the heart of the city, as it makes it convenient to commute and also is in close proximity to the major attractions.

One such boutique hotel that scores both in terms of cost and location is the Montcalm Hotel London. It offers luxury and the finest of facilities at a very competitive price. And it is close to some of the top cinemas in London, which include:

Regent Cinema: The cinema is referred to as the birthplace of British films and recently underwent extensive refurbishment. While the exteriors look very modern and trendy the screening room exudes the class and elegance you would find in an 18th century cinema. Its ornate gilded interior is incredibly beautiful and it might distract you from watching the movie being screened. It is known for world cinema and art house movies, with the schedule being changed on a daily basis. At times there are double screenings as well. If you do not take a fancy to the movie you could choose to enjoy a glass of wine at its fine bar.

The BFI Southbank: One of the more modern yet most iconic cinema spots in town the BFI Southbank cinema is a four screen venue. It is for discerning movie goers who are well versed in the craft of cinema. It exhibits more than 2000 movies annually which range from contemporary to the classics and the critically acclaimed. The venue hosts the BFI London Film festival that is the country’s biggest annual movie event. Visitors to its mezzanine are captivated by the many costumes, posters and scripts that are on display here. It also has a vast collection of movie related literature in its Reuben Library and its Mediatheque screens numerous free films. For those who are not interested in watching a movie a visit to its Riverfront Bar & Kitchen is recommended to feast on sumptuous scampi or a salmon burger, while enjoying a spectacular view of the River Thames.

Everyman Baker Street: You will find the movie house close to the shopping areas near Regent and Oxford Street. It is not too large a cinema but what it lacks in size it makes up for in its ambience with a cosy intimate atmosphere, which makes it ideal for couples. Visitors can choose to hang around in its chic cocktail bar where they could enjoy a drink or two and even carry their drinks within the theatre when the movie is about to begin. Those with children and families would probably prefer watching a movie at its Hampstead location that has a yoghurt bar and also a lounge where children’s parties can be hosted.

Electric Cinema: Situated in Portobello the cinema also was renovated extensively in 2001, for £2 million. It is one of the oldest cinemas in the country and its plush ambience of double beds, red leather armchairs and footstools, make it a terrific place to catch a movie. It exhibits art house as well as mainstream movies. Before you wrap yourself with a warm blanket and enjoy the movie, drop in at their retro styled Electric Diner and savour their famous ale and smoked pork belly.

The Greenwich Picturehouse: While it is rather small in terms of space its reasonably priced tickets and reclining chairs make it a popular movie venue. It offers a good mix of both classic and contemporary movies that make it a great place to enjoy a movie. And it is situated in close proximity to a number of family attractions, which include the Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark and Greenwich Park. For those who want a drink try its bar located on the first floor, which is known for its fine wines and locally brewed beer that can be tasted before you decide to buy.

Arthouse Cinema: The Arthouse Cinema located at Crouch End has something for everyone. Located in North London it is a cinema that caters to an eclectic arts scene which consists of dance, films, theatre, art and comedy (in a nutshell everything art related). It is also known for its alternative movie shows along with the latest blockbusters out of Hollywood. And it has a trendy cafe bar that serves as a venue for live music, comedy shows and art exhibitions while also offering a mezzanine for hire.

The Curzon Mayfair: If you want to experience truly world class cinema of the art house kind, then a visit to the Curzon Mayfair is highly recommended. With its velvet armchairs, blue carpeted floors, and classy private royal boxes make it an unforgettable movie experience. It hosts about a dozen or more red carpet premieres annually. While it primarily caters to independent movies it also exhibits live performances from the National Theatre via satellite, as well as shows from the Metropolitan Opera (New York) and London’s Royal Opera House.

The Phoenix:  The Phoenix was built more than a century ago in 1910 and its antiquated exteriors give it a retro look that architecture lovers and movie buffs admire. Apart from showing the latest movies and art house films it also hosts live opera performances. For kids it holds weekly screenings of movies that cater to their entertainment. It also organises discussions and film classes.  You could head to its cafe bar that is upstairs where there is a fine variety of soups, stews and cake.

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