Some of Rome’s Swishest Stays

Rome offers an amazing array of incredible hotels to stay in if you’re looking for a luxe getaway that offers you the chance to indulge the senses in a truly swish stay at the heart of this unutterably beautiful city. The city boasts some of the suavest stays in the world – offering everything from eclectically elegant charm through to classical comfort and traditional luxury. One thing that certainly forms a consistent bond between the hotels in Rome is a true commitment to style, service and your overall stay.

Check out some of the swishest Rome five star hotels here:

Berg Luxury Hotel

The stunning stay that is the unutterably charming Berg Luxury Hotel offers guests a true taste of Roman luxury, offering the veritable pinnacle of style and cool, right at the heart of this stunning city centre. Offering a somewhat more classical take on the luxury hotel experience, this extravagant five star stay offers all the expected trappings and extras you might want from such an elegant stay.

The hotel’s exquisite location offers guests instantly easy access throughout the city and if you’re looking to explore the manifest sights and sounds of the city, then this is surely the stay for you. The hotel’s refined design and commitment to a warm customer service will sure impress.

Palazzo Manfredi

This stunning stay offers one of the most conveniently centrally located hotels situated right at the beating heart of Rome. If you’re hoping to indulge yourself in an exploratory experience of the city, checking out the numerous sights to see and attractions to visit, get lost navigating the maze-like winding streets, enjoy the best shopping on the continent and more – then this Coliseum adjacent hotel is the pick for you.

What’s more, this stunning stay offers a decidedly refined style and design, broaching the line between comfort and elegance allowing a very memorable hotel experience indeed. The hotel’s fabulous on-site restaurant also needs to be experienced during your stay!

Ripa Rome

Offering a somewhat more contemporary Rome experience of hotels, the stunning stay that is the Ripa Rome offers a truly decadent and achingly hip aesthetic. Offering a bold colour palate and some stunning design and architectural details – every aspect of this fabulous find has been carefully curated and put together to full effect. Located at the city’s heart to allow you easy access to the various sights and sounds.

One of the great things about the Ripa Rome is that it offers guests a world of amazing additional extras. A newspaper delivered to your door in the morning and a coffee afternoon are just the things to make you feel treated here.

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