Some of the Best Literary Hubs of the London City

There are some of the best literary spots in London to visit. These are best destinations where you can spend time learning about things with the best of interest. We can start with the Victoria and albert Museum. This is the leading museum of art and design and there are more things you would desire to learn about the place. The place houses a permanent collection of over 2.3 million items and these belong to the period of 5000 years of human creativity. At the museum you can find the national collection of UK. Here, one can make use of the resources to study more about the architecture, fashion and architecture.

There are London Hotels Near Paddington. You can have an east stay in one of them to visit the destination Word on the Water. This is the famous bookstore in London and at the place you find some of the rare collection of the books from all parts of the world. Word on Water is a floating bookshop and this was previously a Dutch Barge built in the year 1920. The bookshop can be discerned somewhere around the Regent’s Canal. It stands near the Broadway Market. This is the place to serve with the keenly priced books and they are more treasures you can discover under the roof of the bookstall.

In London there is even the famous bookshop known as Libreria Bookshop. You have the best collection at Libreria and as the name signifies you find some of the treasured collections at the place. In fact, this is where one can discover literature with a different façade and the place has dreamed up from the former Downing Street. At the store creativity is given the utmost importance and in case you don’t know much about the locality you can reach the London’s Liverpool Street Station and then makes way to the Spitalfields Market.

Among the literary spots one can visit the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. This is a pub destination in London and the place holds much of historical significance. This is the Grade II Listed Public House and this is best housed at 145 Fleet Street. You can find the pub on the Wine Office Court. The pub was rebuilt just after the Great Fire of 1666. There was already a pub at the place and this existed from the time of 1538. This is the destination where one can find older pubs and these are great destinations where by chance you can come to meet some of the famous London personalities.

In London it is great pleasure to find the Keats House. This is a museum dedicated in the name of the famous poet John Keats. Inside the house you find all the eminent works of the poet and this is known to be the most important literary center of London. At the museum one can explore the various works and creations of John Keats and here one can even find the authentic manuscripts and the artifacts. These are stuffs to describe how the young poet could find the inspiration and friendship and he even discovered his love in the wondrous Regency Villa.

In London it is great to know about the Karl Marx’s Grave at Highgate Cemetery. This is the best historical cemetery one can address and it is the place of burial in the northern part of London. This is designated to be the Grade I on the register of the London historic park and gardens. The area is divided into two main parts. You have the East Cemetery and the West Cemetery. This is the place where more than 170,000 people are being buried.

It is true time spending to be at the London Transport Museum. This is the best literary place where you can learn about the traditional forms of the London transportation system. You can be at the place and discover some of the proper collections displayed with utmost sincerity. Now, you know that how people one time in London traveled from one destination to the other with the best of ease. This is the spot where one can experience the family summer steam and there are more things to discover at the museum of utmost importance.

In case, one is making a stay at the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel the person can well have a tour of Burlington Arcade. This is the most notable Shopping Mall in London and from the destination one can buy the best of stuffs for usage and to gift to others. The place has partnership with the Vanity Fair and the outlet is delighted to make announcement of the Birds and this is the first ever UK installation by the French artist. Here you find the perfect blending of the quintessential and you even find the British traditional gifts being fused with the special and the contemporary twist.

London is the place where you can get to know much about Postman’s Park. This is the famous literary park in London in the central part of the city. The park stands close to the destination of St. Paul’s Cathedral. The place is bordered by Little Britain. This is the place where one can discover the perfect headquarters of the General Post Office or GPO. This is considered to be one of the largest parks in the city of London. The park was opened in the year 1880. At the place there was the former churchyard and burial ground of St Botolph’s Aldersgate church.

Among the several literary places in London one cannot deny the charm and the importance of The London Library. This is known to be the independent lending library and this is considered to be the greatest literary institution of UK. The place was founded in the year 1841 and the initiative was taken by Thomas Carlyle. He was the best man to discover this literary ground of great importance and this is the best spot where you can sit and spend time reading some of the good books of your choice.

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