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Those who think that they have seen all that is to see in London will be surprised at the number of things left unseen. There is always something more, something different that London as to offer its guests. It is no wonder that people keep coming back to the city. The capital of England and the home to the surviving royal family in England, London is full of surprises. There is a reason why arguably one of the oldest cities of the modern world still tops the list of the dream destination for any traveller and why it still remains as one of the most visited cities in the world. London is well known for its art, culture and heritage. A tour to see something different in these genres might be a good idea next time one is there to visit London.

The moment we speak of art a picture of beautiful creations on the canvases and the various papers come to our mind. Art can also signify the various sculptures that one creates. However, art is not always so simple to distinguish. There are art forms which some might term as chaos. These are the ones which lie on the border of legality and illegality. Some know these as graffiti, while some others as wall art. For centuries this form of art has prevailed. Exactly what initiated it and why it has taken such a major form cannot be said certainly. However, one can guess that this form of art is also one type of expression, it is the expression of all the things unsaid within the artists that they wish to make public. It has also been the tool of protest for many over the years. The problem is wall art or graffiti has always been seen as a form of vandalism by the government and the upholder of the law and order in any place. This has made this art linked to the underground world. However, this has not deterred the artists from speaking their mind or painting their thoughts and imaginations. The wall art is probably one of the strongest forms of art which do not pay the artists anything in return.

London is no stranger to wall art or street art. There are numerous streets in London where one will find such display of wall arts and street arts. Being so full of art in London one can actually plan a trip exploring these street arts. Some of the street arts are simply brilliant, showing the extent to which the human imagination is capable of going. Some of them are expression of the angst within the artist. There is always a story behind these arts. The best way to travel through these streets and explore them is to get a guide – a local street art enthusiast. A good guide will not only take the person through the best of these arts but will also narrate the fascinating tales behind each of these. London has a number of strange places to visit, and definitely a trip to check the street arts, walking through the nooks and corners of the city is one of them.

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Besides the street art, another famous part of London is its night life. The London night life is one that any visitor to London must enjoy at least once, and then they are going to crave for even more. London by the night is a completely different place from London by the day. There is celebration all around. From night clubs to discos to bars and pubs, the options goes on endlessly. These are some of the favourite haunts of the night people in London. These are also the places where one can actually get a glimpse of some of the most talented performers – singers mainly, a few of whom are going to make it really big someday in future. Moving away from the places to dance and drink, the famous attractions of London are also a treat to watch during the night time. The London Bridge has a spectacular display of light. So does the area near the river Thames. London Eye is a fantastic place to visit during the night. The view of the entire city with all the lights dazzling like diamonds and other precious stones, making the entire city look bejewelled, is a treat for the eye. Special attractions such as the Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, and many more places, after being illuminated by the lights, look completely different and spectacularly beautiful.

While planning a trip to London, one can always plan something different to check out in the city. There are so many options available for the tourists that it is hard to get a look at all of them in one visit. It no doubt is one of the cities with class, style, royalty, contemporary, modernity, and glamour, all fused in one.

At the time of planning a trip to the English capital, it is always best to get the accommodation fixed in the beginning. London being as popular as it is, there is always a flow of tourists from all across the globe. Getting the best place to stay in this rush is certainly a problem for many. Then there is also the question of the budget. One must never forget that London is also among the costliest cities in the world. However, it has options for all types of people and visitors. The Shaftesbury Metropolis London Hyde Park is certainly a great place to stay which provides quality accommodation and within a normal budget. Hyde Park being located in the heart of the city is always the preferred choice of almost all tourists. It has a great connectivity to all other parts via the public transport systems and thus the visitors can actually check out London as they wish to without worrying about how to get back to the hotel. The special attractions of London are also mostly located centrally and thus a centralised accommodation is the preferred choice at all times.

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