Some Tips Before Travelling To London

London city is certainly one of the best places for travelling and vacations. There something about the air of London City that attracts the tourists from all over the world to come and witness the amazing beauty and elegance of the magnificent city. To be able to travel and explore this amazing city is in the checklist of many. That is probably the reason why London is one of the most visited places in the world.

If you are someone who is travelling to London for the first time, then you will certainly have your hands full with amazing locations to visit and exciting activities to do. The list just goes on and on. For a city as big as London, it is believed that you might actually run out of time but you won’t run out of things and sight.

You could start by visiting some of the historical and amazing buildings of the city. These buildings are landmarks that adorn the streets of London with their presence. If you are in the mood for an extra dose of history and art, there’s always the amazing museums and art galleries. The trendy restaurants and bars are the perfect relaxing spots from the humdrum of the city. Also, the theatre houses of the city are the best one as they provide the best entertainment in the form of shows and award-winning plays. Come and enjoy a spectacular vacation in London exploring the best of the city.

But first of all, there are somethings that you should definitely take care of. One of the most important things while travelling in London is to settle for a good place of accommodation. Well, there are innumerable options for luxury boutique hotels in West End which provide you with these comforts under an affordable budget.

One such great example that comes to mind is The Piccadilly Hotel London. This hotel, located in the heart of London City, these hotels are what you call the ‘perfect living environment’. decked with beautifully designed bedrooms and suites which have amazing facilities such as complimentary Wi-Fi and LCD TV and onsite restaurants and bars that have amazing culinary skills, these hotels are an ideal option for someone who is looking for a great stay in the city under an affordable budget.

London travel tips

Some Things For You To Know About London

Sure, London is a great city, and it’s the capital of UK. There’s the Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben for which the city is very famous and you get the most amazing fish n chips in the restaurants here. Also, the people here are very polite.

That’s how much you know about London. But is that enough? I mean wouldn’t you like to know more about the magnificent city before you visit the place. In spite of its welcoming nature and great attractions, London is a pretty big city and all the information that you can find about it is undoubtedly useful. So here we go.

  • Customs & Visa Requirements: 
  • Probably the question every tourist has asked yet is how long till they can stay without a visa? Well, to them we would say, that for visitors from English-speaking countries, there are no Visa requirements. The general staying period is six month. So it is necessary to keep an eye on that.
  • Money & ATM Cards: Travelling to London can be a stretch if you don’t have the right kind of budget. Plus, London, being a bit different refuses to accept the currency Euros and goes by the Pounds. Although there are some shops where you can get your stuff by paying Euros but the changes are always in Pounds. Also, the ATMs charge you a certified sum for foreign transactions in London. This can be a kick on your budget.
  • Travelling In London: London city is pretty fascinating and of course you want to see all of it. There are many hidden tours and walking day tours available in the city where you can explore the best of London. Try using the Visitor’s Oyster Cards for travelling in Tubes and Buses.
  • Language In London: While London is an English-speaking city, there is a certain mix of different cultures and neighbourhoods in this place. It also means that there is a certain mix in the accents and languages in different locations of London City. This is can be a bit troublesome as words have changed meanings when it comes to the English.
  • Rules & Customs To Follow: There are different customs and rules in London City which we just have to follow to survive here. The Tube, for example can be quite tricky for foreigners. Plus, driving and walking on the left is a must here. Even on escalators. So keep a mind on that. There are also certain customs about eating etiquette that you’ll need to follow. Otherwise, don’t expect proper service.
  • Party Scene In London: Londoners love to party! But that’s not a new things. You could probably tell by the number of pubs and bars around the city. it a common thing here. Drugs however, are highly illegal.
  • Travel Insurance: You don’t want to ruin your trip because of some natural calamity there. So it’s a safe measure to have a travel insurance which could come in handy. The city is a safe place, however, there are certain petty crimes happening too. Be on guard about that.
  • Cell Phone Service: It sounds ridiculous to use your general phone in foreign places and London is no exception. A cheaper alternative is to buy a small, new one which has zero roaming charges. You could ask you hotel services to provide for that.
  • Food Scene in London: Need I say more about that? While many people think food here is not that impressive, it’s actually the opposite. London food is to die for. Come here and see for yourself.

London is certainly a fascinating city and the more you explore this wonderful place, the more you fall in love with its amazing beauty. Keep these facts in mind before you go check out the rest of the city.

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