Spend an exciting evening out in London

London is the right city for all the right reasons to have a perfect holiday. With its countless tourist attractions such as historic landmarks and buildings, palatial palaces, the finest museums and plenty of green open spaces and public parks, there is a plethora of places to visit and activities to partake in. You can sure that you will never have a dull moment when in the City of London.

The most important thing on a holiday in London is the place where you intend to stay. The city is renowned for its iconic 5 star hotels, luxury boutique hotels and accommodation to suit travellers with all types of budgets. When it comes to staying at a central location that offers convenient access to all parts of London there is none better than the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City hotel renowned for its top quality amenities and exceptional customer service at a most affordable price. It offers a plush environment with staff that attends to every personal detail with utmost courtesy. The cuisine is eclectic with the finest fresh produce being used with only the best of wines and spirits stocked in its cellars. It is close to the financial district and to entertainment venues like the best clubs in Shoreditch and the Barbican Centre: Everything you need to know and have will be taken care of by the concierge desk, including arrangements for tickets and reservations.

Image Courtesy : Savile Club

 If you want to have a drink to start off the evening The Jugged Hare, which lies at the corner of Chiswell and Silk Street in the heart of London is the ideal place. It was formerly known as the King’s Head Pub and was a part of Whitbread brewery. Its name is derived from a classic 18th century recipe by Hannah Glasse, who was out of the foremost cooking experts and the country’s first domestic goddess. There is emphasis on seasonal British dishes that are made using traditional cooking styles and the finest boutique wines. There is a handsome pub, with a very spacious dining room, an open theatre-style kitchen and a magnificent vaulted private room. The dining room was formerly the barrelling section of the brewery which features ceramic tiles on the ceiling and walls and sturdy oak floorboards. Guests have the facility to enter the ‘walk-in’ wine room where they can choose their favourite wines with a view through a window offers them a peek into the kitchen’s ‘cold room’, which exhibits the ageing process of game and the meat hanging there.

The seating arrangements feature a vibrant red leather banquette with comfortable stools at ‘the pass’, which permit diners to see Head Chef Stephen Englefield and his team in action, as they go about food preparations on a charcoal grill and a state-of-the art eight-spit rotisserie. Walk into the pub and you will see a unique back bar display of exclusive British antique taxidermy. Other attractive features are the original brass decor restored from the brewery, stylish anaglypta wallpapered ceilings and classic whisky barrel high tables.

There is nothing more beautiful than to catch a sight of the river Thames at night, with its illuminated bridges.  You could take a peaceful walk along its riverbanks, from the west by Chelsea Bridge or from the east by Tower Bridge with the most amazing views. If you choose the West End avoid conventional means of transport for an amazing rickshaw ride, which is novel way to get to your next destination. .

If you are wondering about what to keep you busy next there are numerous theatres in the West End, which has earned it the title of Theatreland that host comedies, dramas and musicals.

Most shows begin between 7 and 8 pm. For those who enjoy live music London offers an eclectic choice ranging from intimate gigs to stadium concerts. If indie music is what gets you going, head for Camden, with its numerous venues and pubs that host bands practically every night of the week. For blues and jazz aficionados the perfect spot is Ronnie Scott’s, where you can dine and watch the live show. There are the live concert halls at the Barbican and Southbank, which have large auditoriums with excellent acoustics and are the venues for jazz, classical and world music. Of course for a large scale event at such venues you need to book your tickets in advance.

If clubbing is what you want to do there are some of the ritziest clubs in the world in London.  Here you can rub shoulders with celebrities and stars at places like the Mahiki, Movida or DSTKRT. The latter has had members of the Royal family Princes William and Harry take to the floor. You will always find some gig scheduled with world famous bands and musicians scheduled to perform at any of the venues that are to be found in the city. You can also visit the smaller venues that are dotted all over Dalston and Shoreditch which cater to dance music. A point to remember is that most clubs only open on Friday and Saturday evenings.

There is lot more to London’s exciting nightlife than just dancing, drinking and eating. If you are the sporty type you could test your table tennis skills at Bounce, which is a restaurant, bar and a ping-pong venue all in one. If you feel like singing head straight for the nearest karaoke bar, with lots to be found especially in Soho at the East End. You could try Lucky Voice, one of the most well known karaoke bars, or the cool Bunga Bunga. For cabaret and burlesque lovers the place to visit is the Supperclub, which offers a combination of burlesque or circus performances with dinner.

Nightclubs in London | Your guide to the Barbican Art Gallery

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