Stay at Park Grand Kensington Hotel and experience the unparalleled charm of Kensington Gardens in summers

Kensington Gardens is one of the eight Royal Parks in London and a popular tourist spot. King William III had bought the park which was once the part of Hyde Park. The garden attracts millions of tourists throughout the year, but looks most stunning in the months of summer when the greenery is at its peak and visitors come to the park for sun-bathing, picnics and other liesurly activities. The sprawling 242 acres park is home to attractions like Kensington Palace, Albert Memorial, Peter Pan Statue and serpentine Gallery. Kensington garden is a planned garden and there are avanues of trees and ornamental flowers. The famous Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground is also inside the gardens. Enjoy the beauty of the Kensington garden and places in and around it staying at Park Grand Kensington, arguably the best hotel in Kensington.

•    Enjoy lush green vistas of Kensington garden sitting beneath the trees.
•    It is an ideal spot for sun-bathing and picnic in the summers.

Features and amenities offered at Park Grand Kensington London

The hotel is the best option for accommodation if you wish to explore Kensington and its hidden treasures like museums, shops and dining destinations. The boutique hotel has well appointed guest rooms with all the facilities like internet, television with satellite channels, chic furniture and an oppulent setting. The location of the hotel lets you visit tourists’ attraction with ease. A restaurant and the bar featured in the hotel are the perfect spot for relaxation after a day long excursion. Fitness centre makes sure that you do not miss your exercise regime.

•    The hotel is equally ideal for vacations and business trips.
•    Conference and meeting rooms are fully equipped with latest technologies.
Visit http://www.parkgrandkensington.co.uk/ to learn more about the hotel.

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